Sunday, March 30, 2008

What's with the Pink Eye??

I have been sick many times, but quite frankly, nothing has been more annoying than what I have going on now. I have PINK EYE, or I think that is what it is. I am actually going to the eye doctor tomorrow, because I have had it for two weeks, been on antibiotic eye drops for 1 week and it is not any better at all. I don't think I ever had pink eye as a child, and here I am, 35, and I have pink eye. I have bounced from one funky illness to the next this winter. I have had the flu (even though I had a flu shot!), the stomach bug (although that was quite mild compared to others that have had it), an abscessed tooth that led to a root canal which led to antibiotics that made me sick as a dog. Then, the second antibiotic I took for that caused THRUSH, yes, a yeast infection in my MOUTH! UGG. Now I know why babies cry with that. It was AWFUL. The tooth abscess alone was enough pain to make me want to go through natural childbirth again. If you have never had tooth pain, well, consider yourself lucky. Below is a photo of my beautiful PINK eye!!

Trust me, this sucks as bad as it looks.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Where has Pocahontas Gone??

Ok, I don't do this, but I am so fascinated by other people's blogs that I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I like to write, though i am not always good at it. I am not a private person so this is the perfect place for me to vent or just ramble on about life. So, here goes...
My 4, almost 5 year old daughter has thrown me a curve ball recently. She is fascinated with all things Pocahontas. Well, that is fine and dandy but for some reason all things Pocahontas no longer seem to exist. I went to the Disney Store and they told me they no longer get Pocahontas items even though she is considered a Princess. One would think they could carry her image on items as much as they carry all the other princesses! Maia also LOVES Jasmine. She is a bit easier to find, but not quite as plentiful as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle. Come on people!! I have resorted to ebay and purchasing older items at a premium to have a birthday gift for my daughter. How horrible. I have actually been quite lucky at the prices, really. SO, Disney, if you are out there, help a woman out and get on the Pocahontas bandwagon!! Maia and her mom would love you forever!!