Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whats Up???

Why oh why does my type keep single spacing on me? Anyone out there have a clue?? It seems pretty random as you can tell. The first paragraphs are single, the rest, double space.

Whats up with my three posts in one day too? I'm on a roll. No stopping me now!

Call me Crafty

I have started a little side business lately... Making jewelry, lanyards, and just about anything else you can think of. I thought I would use my blog to shamelessly promote my craft. My love for beading started when Maia was a little bitty thing. I searched and searched for baby jewelry for her and could not find any, so I began to make my own. Of course, she won't wear it. She is sooooo picky. I then started to make bracelets as gifts for birthdays and showers. My friend's daughter just had her first communion, so she had me make her a sterling silver bracelet for the occasion. I thought it turned out pretty well. All beads and components are either sterling, glass beads, gemstones, or swarovski crystals. They are made to withstand the tugging and pulling of a small child making them suitable for little ones as well as adults. I also added "grow links" to Lexi's bracelet so she can wear it for a longer period of time.

The fine details...

My sister in law, a teacher, also has been pimping my beaded lanyards for me at her school of employment. I have done TONS of these for just about all the teachers in her school and have even made matching bracelets. Here are a few of those. These are not sterling for cost reasons.

This one is shades of amber, brown, and green with gold accents.

The matching double strand bracelet.

Same lanyard, in a purple, green, clear, and pink combination.

This one is multi-colored. It is my favorite.

One other thing I have done that I enjoy, but takes me a bit longer is embroidering clothing for my daughter. I have embroidered and embellished jeans and such for her. My favorite is the flower hem jeans. She has since outgrown them and they sold on ebay for a nice price. I have not made these for anyone else at this point, but would do so if there was ever an interest.

The hem of the jeans was embroidered and embellished all the way around. I love the little bee...

This is the pocket of the jeans where I thought a cute little sunshine should live.

The shirt was purchased at Target and the jeans were embroidered by me to match the print.

The details. Kinda rough, but it was my first attempt and done freehand. No machines here...

So, there it is. My shameless promotion of my craft. I do it for fun, to relax and to fill a void, if there ever is one. I find it to be mind numbing in a way and a good way to veg and escape all the day to day hub bub. Let me know what you think!!

Memorial Day Weekend at the Pool

This past Saturday, Memorial Day weekend, the pool that we are members at, opened. Needless to say, the kids were chomping at the bit to go for the first swim of the season. It is usually always pretty cold the first few weeks and this weekend was no exception. The water was frigid. Didn't stop my two though. I didn't even wear my bathing suit. I knew there was NO WAY I was getting in that water. Short of a kid drowning, it just wasn't going to happen for me. I watched kid after kid jump in and swim, then get out literally turning blue. No thanks. My two were right there with the rest of 'em. Here are some photos from their first dip in the pool. As for me... I will wait until the water reaches at least 78 degree before I even dare a swim.

Harrison getting his "Shark Tail" fin on his feet. Pretty cool toy, but he hasn't quite got it figured out yet.

Maia ventures into the kiddie pool. Slowly.

Once again, Maia wins the photo wars with Mom. It is just easier to catch her sitting still I suppose. I thought she looked cute laying in the sun on her towel.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Maia's Preschool Graduation

So, it is official. We have moved out of the preschool era, and into the public school arena. I am a bit on the sad side. I cannot believe that my "baby" is going to be starting kindergarten in the fall and that after 3 long years at the same preschool, we are moving on. I have gotten quite attached to the staff at Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Day School. I won't write a ton, but here are some photos from the big day. They did a little program and gave out "diplomas" to all the kids. It was short and sweet, or should I say bittersweet?

This is a photo of Maia with her dad after she got her diploma. Don't know what is up with that face.

Quaker Day School 3 and 5 day class singing.

Acting silly with Daddy after the program.

Maia and her "friend that is a boy, so he is a boyfriend" Ryan. You're all invited to the wedding.

Maia and some of her buddies from Quaker Day School. She is the oldest of this group. Most will return to preschool next year.

Maia outside of the church after the program. Thought it was too cute to not share!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Fine How do Ya Do...

A few days ago, I updated my blog about my pink eye issues. Well, yesterday, I returned to the Eye doctor because my vision, which is normally 20/25, had become quite blurry in the affected eye. It is quite bothersome for someone who has never had eye problems to all of a sudden be faced with blurry vision. He did the normal eye tests and was shocked to find that I could not even read the largest letters on the eye chart from my "bad" eye. The other eye remains unaffected at this point. He proceeded to do further testing by dilating my eyes, checking pressure, etc. Only to discover that I have glaucoma. Hello???? I am not quite 36. I thought only old people got that?? My mom was just diagnosed with glaucoma two years ago. Her eye pressure is holding at around 18. Mine is 22 in the "good" eye and 27 in the "bad" eye. Getting old sucks. I tell you that right now. That is NOT was is causing the pink eye. That is an entirely separate issue that thankfully led to him discovering this problem before my vision is permanently compromised. I had not been to the eye doctor since 2002. No telling when I would have gone back had I not gotten pink eye. SOOOOOOO, the blurry vision is due to viral particles that were left over from the pink eye and now my white blood cells have started to attack the particles and all has attached themselves to my cornea. He assured me that the problem can be fixed and my vision will go back to normal, but it will take several months on yet more steroid eye drops. This time they must be the kind for people with glaucoma since steroids can cause the disease.

I am so bummed out about all of this. I am barely 36 and the last thing you want to be told is that you have a disease that could cost you your vision one day. Chances are, with proper treatment, that won't happen, but it is more of a chance than I had before all of this. I am now on an eye drop that I will have to use everyday, twice a day, for the rest of my life. I know, I know, it could be much worse. I know of lots of people who would trade places with me in a heartbeat, to have this problem. I guess I should concentrate on the positives, such as having caught it before it progressed and became a bigger issue. Most people don't know they have it until their vision is permanently affected. I guess I should just stop my bitchin. I have to have the pressure in my eye checked on a weekly basis for a while to see if the drops are working their magic. Say a prayer for me, will ya??

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Rainy Day Birthday

So, the big party was today, and it rained. The whole day. Oh well. I made the decision to have the party at the park anyway. It was ok. The pavillion was big. Here are a few photos. Afterward a few of us went to Liberty University/Baptist Church and had ball playing in the indoor playground they have there. From now on, my parties will be held indoor!!

Ryan, in the red, Harrison, my infamous son, Sydney in pink, and Maia in the coat. Playing in a puddle. Who say's rainy day parties can't be fun??? They had a ball.

At "Kids Cove" which is themed like Noah's Ark. It is awesome!! And Free!!

The Sleeping Beauty Cake made by Wendy Coffey of "Coffey Cakes", looks good tastes even better!!!

Maia and her best buddy, Ryan. Isn't he a cutie??

Maddy, Kristin, Katie, and Mary - Kate singing "Rain rain go away".
These little girls are in Maia's preschool class.

Party on Maia, Party on...

So, I am stressing over the big birthday event tomorrow. I have a small army of people expected to show up for Maia's 5th birthday party that is suppose to be at the local park. Of course, the weather is not looking to promising for me. 60% chance of rain tomorrow, which means the small army of people will be invading my house. Needless to say, the house is a wreck and so am I. Pray for sunshine. I did manage to knock out 24 princess cupcakes, bubblegum flavor...

Let me tell you, the girl knows how to have a birthday. We went to dinner the other night with my in-laws where she opened a few gifts, had a birthday brownie and was sung too. She received a bouquet of flowers and a balloon. The child has gotten more flowers delivered to her in her short five years that I have had in my entire 35 years! She is loved and does she know it! Her little friend Ryan and his mom took her out to lunch Friday after pre-school and then they had a playdate the rest of the afternoon. Live it up girl! Now the party tomorrow. She knows how to drag out a birthday, huh? That's my girl. Here is a photo of her on our porch before school on May 16th. Ain't she cutie?
While we are on the subject of Maia, her school had a Mother's Day tea for all us Moms. They made us bonnets and drew portraits of their moms. Here is my angel modeling the bonnet I had to wear at the "tea"...
and here is my "portrait". I must say, I do see the resemblance to myself. I think I have a budding artist on my hands...

Yes, I do have two children. I will devote equal time to Harrison. I just can't ever get him to sit still long enough to get a photo of him. Enough of the birthday girl for tonight. I am wiped out and need to go to bed so I can party tomorrow with my princess.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Just in case you are Wondering...

The pink eye thing i wrote about?? Well, my poor pitiful eye is STILL Not better. It doesn't look as bad as it did, but my vision is blurry, my eye hurts from time to time and occasionally i will wake up with a red icky eye. I have been to the eye dr. more times in the past two months than i have been my entire life. I have been on predisone eye drops to no avail and also allergy eye drops. I guess another trip to the dr. is in my future. Just thought I would share my misery with you.

Five Years Ago Today...

WOW! Time flies. For anyone out there with small children, you know this is true. For those of you starting out with little ones, cherish every moment because they grow up before you can blink your eyes. Today, my little princess is five years old. I am a bit sad, but happy to see her growing up to be a smart, beautiful and healthy child. I am sad because no longer does that little one depend on me for everything. She is spreading her wings.

Funny, it rarely rains in May around here. Today, the weather is EXACTLY how it was the day Maia was born. Raining and cool. I remember leaving to go to the hospital to have her. I was induced because I have pre-eclampsia and my blood pressure just wouldn't cooperate. Her original due date was May 19, 2003. May 16 ended up being her birthdate and just so happens that it was also the day my Grandfather died 20+ years earlier. My mom said it was a day to celebrate her birth rather than morn his death. He would have LOVED my little Maia. She would have adored him. I did.

Miss Maia, as I have always called her, was born at 5:12 pm, just in time for dinner. I knew she would be. My midwife, Sue, had started the induction (no pitocin!!) and left to go home. I am a natural birther, so I was scared and anxious about the process since she was my second. I was wanting it to be over. Sue went home after the second induction process was going slowly. Little did I know how fast things would take off. I felt the first measurable pain at 3:20pm. They were 5 min. apart. By 4pm I thought the very life was going to be sucked of me ( I guess in a way, it was) the pain was so intense. No one was in the delivery room, just Chris and I. Sue had gone home to rest (she lived within a mile) and would be back later. She delivered my son and that was a 20 hour process. I guess she had no reason to believe things would happen so quickly. By 4:30 i was screaming for the nurse, Sue, a Dr. anyone who would listen really. They promptly made the call to Sue to return ASAP and ordered me not to push. Anyone who has had a natural delivery out there knows how virtually impossible this is. Well, long story short, Sue arrived just in time to deliver my beautiful baby girl at 5:12pm. She actually let me reach down once her shoulders were out and pull her to my chest. The little angel never cried the first time. Had her eyes open from the start, eager to take in the world. Funny how they are exactly the same once they are born as they were in utero. She was so determined to be born and so anxious to see all around her new world, very quiet and alert. Just as she is now. Though I think she tries to make up for the first few moments of quiet she gave us with her constant chatter. She has grown into a beautiful, vibrant and fun loving little girl. I am dreading while at the same time excited to see the wonderful woman she will become one day. I know she will do great things in her time.

She is spreading her wings, but I am not sure I am ready for her to fly yet. I want to hold her to me and keep her small for just a little longer. Happy 5th Birthday Miss Maia. Mommy loves you to pieces.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Man, i have been cleaning and sorting all day in my house and i still feel like i have not gotten a thing done. My friend and I are having a huge yard sale in a few weeks. It has become kind of a tradition for us to hold a multi-family yard sale on memorial da weekend. People know us now and we have repeat customers. Kinda funny for a yard sale i think. One lady from Canada always visits her family here and she has come every year now for the past three years we have had it. She said, as well as a few other "regular" customers that they seek us out because we have good stuff. We usually do pretty good too, as far as yard sales go. It is just such a pain. First you have to get all the junk together, and then you have to sort and price all the items. Then there is the set up. We have tried to come up with a way around the pricing bit, but there is just no way. Stuff moves faster if it has a price on it. People don't like to have to ask what the price is. My friends Dad is our cashier. He is an accountant so things run pretty smoothly on that front. We have color coded stickers and all so it makes it easy on him to know whose stuff is who's. He rocks.

So back to the original train of thought... I have been in my room putting away winter clothing and pulling out summer things. I have pulled out so many things that i don't want and now i have NO WHERE to stash it all until the big sale. UGGG. To look around my house, one would wonder just what in the world i have done. Doesn't look like much. I seem to collect stuff so there is always plenty each year for a yard sale. I am striving to have less stuff, but it seems the more i aim for this, the further away i get. Oh well, at least i won't go out of business anytime soon.

On a side note, i am so proud of myself. This is my second post in two days!! Way to go me!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Long Awaited Blog ~ Ramblings

Ok, so i suck at this blog thing... It has been almost 2 months since my last post. The sad news is, not much has changed!! I STILL have the funky eye infection that will not go away. The red is gone, but my vision is blurry in that eye. I have spent countless dollars at the Eye Dr. trying to figure this out only to be told that it is allergy related. I also spent the evening in the ER as a result of a sulfa allergy that developed in the past few months. The eye doc gave me the antibiotic in an effort to treat a sinus infection that he thought could be causing the eye problem and low and behold, i am now allergic to Sulfa drugs. My throat swelled shut and I could not breath.

On another note, all of this illness led me to quit my second job working at JCrew call center. I just couldn't take another illness and figured my body was trying to tell me something. As stubborn as i am, i decided to listen. I must say, it is nice having my saturdays back. I worked there every single saturday for an 8 hour shift. Needless to say, my house suffered. My kids thought i was MIA and i was forced to deal with the quilt of sending them packing while Chris worked at the Skatepark (his second job) and I went to JCrew. We are all about family time now on saturdays, well, me and the kids that is. Its nice. They are glad to have their mommy back.

My angel Maia turns five next friday. Mommy is feeling nostalgic about this. She is my baby, and will be five, leaving me for kindergarten in the fall. I have to be strong because she is already telling me she is not leaving me for school. I am dreading the day. I am planning a big birthday bash for her at the local park that has an awesome playground. Most of her preschool class will be there and some of our other friends as well. Should be a day to remember. I will TRY to remember to post about that.

How do people get these blogs going and who reads them?? I think i have one person who actually looks at mine, and that Karen, would be you!! Anyone else out there?? Leave me a note so I don't feel this is all in vain. What is the purpose exactly?? An outlet for rambling on about life? For some, i see the purpose. Karen has family and friends all over the world, so it is a good way to stay in touch. Me??? NO CLUE!!! I can't even remember to post. It took me darn near an hour to figure out how to log in to make a new post!! Yes, i am slow. I guess it is a good way to voice an opinion or just ramble on about stuff. I need to quit being a slacker if i am going to be a blogger!!