Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes "a hug" is all you Need.

I think the song actually goes "Love is all we need", but in my case, a hug was all I needed to pull me up out of the funk I have been in for a day or so. You know, so many times people want to fill up every moment with words. Words are OK sometimes, but in my opinion there is nothing that can be said by someone else that I don't already know myself. Don't talk to me when I am down, just wrap your arms around me and squeeze.

My own husband is so clueless in this area. It just doesn't seem to come easily to him. I find this odd because he comes from a very touchy freely family. I can be bawling my eyes out and he will sit there and not move an inch. When I see someone upset, or just down and out, it is in every inch of my being to reach out and just give them a hug. It could be a total stranger.

Tonight a friend did that for me. Monday night a friend did that for me as well. There is something about knowing that the other person "gets it". That there really are no words at times. That the person in need jut really needs to feel that security of someones arms around them, that physical contact. That "its OK, i get what your feeling and i am here for you" feeling.

So, remember, next time you see someone in need, keep your words and opinions to yourself and reach out and touch someone. Wrap them in your arms and squeeze. It really is all they probably want and need.

Friday, March 2, 2012

One of These Things is Not Like the Other....

What a long hard process its been, the past few months, first getting the IEP in place, then the Functional Behavioral Assessment completed and finally, making the hard decision that the regular school setting is NOT the best place for my son. At least not right now. Now that I think about it, its been a long hard month for lots of reasons.

First of all, my Dr. decided that I had mild bi-polar symptoms and added Abilify to my drug repitoire. Worked wonders. Love it. Highly recommend it. My moods were NUTS after the Effexor. Now they are great. I can cry, be happy, be sad, angry, etc, but all within normal limits. As a matter of fact, I have been on the verge of tears for two days now dealing wwith the ups and downs of this whole special ed. process with my baby boy.

After the IEP was in place, Day Treatment was inacted, Functional Behavioral Assessment was complete, we still were not seeing tremendous improvements in H's behavior and academic performance in school. Things were spiraling out of control. Desks and chairs were being thrown, others were being placed in harms way. He wasn't learning, grades were sinking. At the advice of H's doctor, we went to visit Rivermont School. We knew right away that was the place he would get the help he needed to be successful in school. After another IEP meeting, it was decided that he would go there immediately.

We had enrollment there this morning. He loved it. He made several friends in his class right off the bat. I got all the necessary paperwork done. I'm the one having the issue with it. I'm the one who decided he would be there. I think its more because, as a Mother, you want your child to be like all the others. You don't want them to be different in that way. You want them to fit in. To be "normal" for whatever that means. I have to accept that H is not like all the others. In some ways he is. In others, not so much. Is this a bad thing? NO, I guess its not if I stop and think about it. His "difference" could actually become one of his biggest assets one day.

I'm coming to terms with it. Its just gonna take some time. As for H? He's gonna be just fine.