Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pet Torture

Maia and Harrison have been at Church Day camp all week. Tuesday, they came home with little hats they had made for Louie and Max. Surprisingly, the cats were very cooperative while they were being held down to have the hats put on their heads. I didn't get a photo of Max; Maia never got it on his head. Harrison did manage to get the hat, complete with chin strap, on Louie. He looks REAL amused, doesn't he??


Beth said...

This is priceless! I also love the one above of the kids reading the Bible can pray and hope and wish for that, but I am sure when you just saw your kids reading the Bible on their own it was an awesome feeling! (sorry for thr run on sentence)

35 and holding said...

Beth, thanks for all the comments. I am glad to know someone other than my friends reads my blog. You need to get a profile! I click your name and is says you don't have one. LOL