Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in Review

It is hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. Looking back, 2009 brought a lot of changes for me. Briefly, here is the rundown...

2009 didn't start out so well for us. My daycare business took a major blow the first half of the year. I just couldn't seem to hold onto kids in my business, then I had a psycho mom attack me about the care her kid was receiving in my home. Boy, that was DEFINITELY one I would like to forget. Unfortunately, I believe that her attack on my ability to care for children did a major number on my phone calls for new business. Oh well. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I am still waiting to see if that is true.

Chris's job started out shaky at best as well, but over the course of the year things have calmed down a little, though we did not get the bonus we usually get from his job this year.

I also blew my ONE New Years Resolution: To keep the checkbook balanced!!! Laughing my butt of right now at that one. I did well for a few months but as of today, I have not TOUCHED the checkbook since March 2009. That's why I don't make resolutions.

On a good note... we started Harrison on the Medicine for his ADHD that seemed to work. The combination of meds and therapy helped get him started in school this past fall on a good note and so far so good. He is making great strides in his education and is reading ABOVE grade level. A year ago, he was WELL BELOW grade level, so I am very proud of my boy. The difference a year can make is AMAZING and I thank GOD for that.

May brought about some major changes in my extended family. My cousin, who had suffered from MS passed away on Mothers Day. Fitting if you know the background here. At long last she was freed from her abusive husband, also freeing her three children from their TERRIBLE father. They are now in decent foster homes and we no longer have to deal with the crap their father dished out to my family (my Mother and Grandmother). May she rest in Peace FINALLY.

Summer brought about a much needed vacation to the beach and countless days spent at the pool. Due to my light daycare enrollment I was able to enjoy a few days at the pool with my two little friends and one of the Moms on occasion. By the end of summer though, it became clear to me that my daycare days were coming to an end and in August I decided to close my doors after 6 years of running my own business. It was with VERY mixed emotions that I made this move, but I am not looking back. I promptly sold ALL my daycare items and chose to move forward with whatever came my way. I'm still waiting.

I did find a job at Kroger first of all, then moved on to Target and substitute teaching during the day. I have found that Target is a wonderful place to work and I actually feel appreciated there for the first time EVER in a job. Sadly, the pay doesn't quite cover the bills I have but I am thankful to have a job of some sort when there are many who don't have anything at all right now. I am hanging on until something comes my way.

I have also managed to lose about 10 pounds these past few months. Not sure why, but I am not arguing there. I'll take it.

Finally, 2009 brought me a new bathroom FINALLY. After about 3 long years of waiting I am finally able to shower in my ALMOST finished bathroom. Its all cosmetic now... framing doors and windows, hanging towel bars, light fixtures, etc. but the SHOWER WORKS, as does the sink and toilet.

2009 has had its ups and downs but I guess I will be stronger for them in the end. I look back on all that has happened and embrace it for what it is. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right??? Here's to 2010!! I'm ready for all that it has to offer!!

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