Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ho Ho Ho, 1 day to Go!

OK, I know, that was pretty cheesy. I am a bit stressed by the events of the past several nights. My kids have REFUSED to go to bed. They normally go to bed at 8pm, without fail. Lately, it has been more like 10-11pm for some reason. I am stressed because tomorrow Chris and I have to play Santa, and I would really rather it not turn into an all nighter. Had enough of those in college, and they about killed me then. No telling what would happen to me now! Maia's dollhouse should be a cinch to assemble, (I hope I don't eat those words later), but Harrison is getting the Playmobil Circus, and if you know Playmobil at all, you know that it has TONS and TONS of little tiny pieces that make Polly Pocket look Giagantimous. And they are all attached to the plastic framing that you have to break apart and follow the instruction booklet to put it all together. Uggg. If they don't go to bed, Santa may skip our house. At least that is what they are being told. I'll keep you posted.


Sarah said...

I hope the kids go to bed early for you. We kind of have the same problem, Lance has been going to bed late too and I don't want to stay up too late trying to get things ready, fortuntately though he will sleep in because he doesn't fully understand about Christmas yet.

Mom to 4 said...

I have the same problem, but in my case it's kids trying to bust Santa this year. I'm hoping that the kids crash at a decent hour, since all the presents are at the nighbors and I have to go over there to pick them up. Merry Christmas to you guys!!