Saturday, May 10, 2008


Man, i have been cleaning and sorting all day in my house and i still feel like i have not gotten a thing done. My friend and I are having a huge yard sale in a few weeks. It has become kind of a tradition for us to hold a multi-family yard sale on memorial da weekend. People know us now and we have repeat customers. Kinda funny for a yard sale i think. One lady from Canada always visits her family here and she has come every year now for the past three years we have had it. She said, as well as a few other "regular" customers that they seek us out because we have good stuff. We usually do pretty good too, as far as yard sales go. It is just such a pain. First you have to get all the junk together, and then you have to sort and price all the items. Then there is the set up. We have tried to come up with a way around the pricing bit, but there is just no way. Stuff moves faster if it has a price on it. People don't like to have to ask what the price is. My friends Dad is our cashier. He is an accountant so things run pretty smoothly on that front. We have color coded stickers and all so it makes it easy on him to know whose stuff is who's. He rocks.

So back to the original train of thought... I have been in my room putting away winter clothing and pulling out summer things. I have pulled out so many things that i don't want and now i have NO WHERE to stash it all until the big sale. UGGG. To look around my house, one would wonder just what in the world i have done. Doesn't look like much. I seem to collect stuff so there is always plenty each year for a yard sale. I am striving to have less stuff, but it seems the more i aim for this, the further away i get. Oh well, at least i won't go out of business anytime soon.

On a side note, i am so proud of myself. This is my second post in two days!! Way to go me!!

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Karen said...

Good luck with your big sale! If I lived near you, then I'd stop by!