Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Rainy Day Birthday

So, the big party was today, and it rained. The whole day. Oh well. I made the decision to have the party at the park anyway. It was ok. The pavillion was big. Here are a few photos. Afterward a few of us went to Liberty University/Baptist Church and had ball playing in the indoor playground they have there. From now on, my parties will be held indoor!!

Ryan, in the red, Harrison, my infamous son, Sydney in pink, and Maia in the coat. Playing in a puddle. Who say's rainy day parties can't be fun??? They had a ball.

At "Kids Cove" which is themed like Noah's Ark. It is awesome!! And Free!!

The Sleeping Beauty Cake made by Wendy Coffey of "Coffey Cakes", looks good tastes even better!!!

Maia and her best buddy, Ryan. Isn't he a cutie??

Maddy, Kristin, Katie, and Mary - Kate singing "Rain rain go away".
These little girls are in Maia's preschool class.

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Karen said...

Looks like everyone had a great time despite the rain! :o) Great cake!