Friday, May 16, 2008

Five Years Ago Today...

WOW! Time flies. For anyone out there with small children, you know this is true. For those of you starting out with little ones, cherish every moment because they grow up before you can blink your eyes. Today, my little princess is five years old. I am a bit sad, but happy to see her growing up to be a smart, beautiful and healthy child. I am sad because no longer does that little one depend on me for everything. She is spreading her wings.

Funny, it rarely rains in May around here. Today, the weather is EXACTLY how it was the day Maia was born. Raining and cool. I remember leaving to go to the hospital to have her. I was induced because I have pre-eclampsia and my blood pressure just wouldn't cooperate. Her original due date was May 19, 2003. May 16 ended up being her birthdate and just so happens that it was also the day my Grandfather died 20+ years earlier. My mom said it was a day to celebrate her birth rather than morn his death. He would have LOVED my little Maia. She would have adored him. I did.

Miss Maia, as I have always called her, was born at 5:12 pm, just in time for dinner. I knew she would be. My midwife, Sue, had started the induction (no pitocin!!) and left to go home. I am a natural birther, so I was scared and anxious about the process since she was my second. I was wanting it to be over. Sue went home after the second induction process was going slowly. Little did I know how fast things would take off. I felt the first measurable pain at 3:20pm. They were 5 min. apart. By 4pm I thought the very life was going to be sucked of me ( I guess in a way, it was) the pain was so intense. No one was in the delivery room, just Chris and I. Sue had gone home to rest (she lived within a mile) and would be back later. She delivered my son and that was a 20 hour process. I guess she had no reason to believe things would happen so quickly. By 4:30 i was screaming for the nurse, Sue, a Dr. anyone who would listen really. They promptly made the call to Sue to return ASAP and ordered me not to push. Anyone who has had a natural delivery out there knows how virtually impossible this is. Well, long story short, Sue arrived just in time to deliver my beautiful baby girl at 5:12pm. She actually let me reach down once her shoulders were out and pull her to my chest. The little angel never cried the first time. Had her eyes open from the start, eager to take in the world. Funny how they are exactly the same once they are born as they were in utero. She was so determined to be born and so anxious to see all around her new world, very quiet and alert. Just as she is now. Though I think she tries to make up for the first few moments of quiet she gave us with her constant chatter. She has grown into a beautiful, vibrant and fun loving little girl. I am dreading while at the same time excited to see the wonderful woman she will become one day. I know she will do great things in her time.

She is spreading her wings, but I am not sure I am ready for her to fly yet. I want to hold her to me and keep her small for just a little longer. Happy 5th Birthday Miss Maia. Mommy loves you to pieces.

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Karen said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Maia!