Friday, May 9, 2008

The Long Awaited Blog ~ Ramblings

Ok, so i suck at this blog thing... It has been almost 2 months since my last post. The sad news is, not much has changed!! I STILL have the funky eye infection that will not go away. The red is gone, but my vision is blurry in that eye. I have spent countless dollars at the Eye Dr. trying to figure this out only to be told that it is allergy related. I also spent the evening in the ER as a result of a sulfa allergy that developed in the past few months. The eye doc gave me the antibiotic in an effort to treat a sinus infection that he thought could be causing the eye problem and low and behold, i am now allergic to Sulfa drugs. My throat swelled shut and I could not breath.

On another note, all of this illness led me to quit my second job working at JCrew call center. I just couldn't take another illness and figured my body was trying to tell me something. As stubborn as i am, i decided to listen. I must say, it is nice having my saturdays back. I worked there every single saturday for an 8 hour shift. Needless to say, my house suffered. My kids thought i was MIA and i was forced to deal with the quilt of sending them packing while Chris worked at the Skatepark (his second job) and I went to JCrew. We are all about family time now on saturdays, well, me and the kids that is. Its nice. They are glad to have their mommy back.

My angel Maia turns five next friday. Mommy is feeling nostalgic about this. She is my baby, and will be five, leaving me for kindergarten in the fall. I have to be strong because she is already telling me she is not leaving me for school. I am dreading the day. I am planning a big birthday bash for her at the local park that has an awesome playground. Most of her preschool class will be there and some of our other friends as well. Should be a day to remember. I will TRY to remember to post about that.

How do people get these blogs going and who reads them?? I think i have one person who actually looks at mine, and that Karen, would be you!! Anyone else out there?? Leave me a note so I don't feel this is all in vain. What is the purpose exactly?? An outlet for rambling on about life? For some, i see the purpose. Karen has family and friends all over the world, so it is a good way to stay in touch. Me??? NO CLUE!!! I can't even remember to post. It took me darn near an hour to figure out how to log in to make a new post!! Yes, i am slow. I guess it is a good way to voice an opinion or just ramble on about stuff. I need to quit being a slacker if i am going to be a blogger!!

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Karen said...

Jennifer! Yay! An update! I'm sorry you are still dealing with your eye problems--that's no fun! Hope it clears up soon!

I'm using the blog for a few purposes--one, to catch up with loved ones, of course, and two, as an alternative to scrapbooking. At least I am getting some of the stories behind the photos down. :o)

I've made some new friends just in the short time I've started, too. I've been having fun with it. OK, sorry to write so much! I am glad you're back!