Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahhh, Fall in Virginia

I think Fall has finally arrived. For a minute there, I had to double check. We were moving along, summer clothes were packed away and then BOOM! We had a week of 80 degree weather. NOT LIKING that in OCTOBER!! Anyway, this past weekend, I did my normal photo shoot of the kids. We headed down to Concord after church on Sunday and after the Kids had some lunch I tried to get some photos of them in the mountains where my Mother in Law lives. Around the pond, on the rocks, etc. One thing I didn't plan for was the mid day sunshine. I got a lot of glares and shadows, but I still like them. Maybe a professional wouldn't think they were so good, but I think the shadows kinda add something to them. Not really liking the harsh light on some where it is so washed out they are white, but hey, I am not a photographer, and have a very pitiful piece of equipment that I am working with. I got semi-cooperation from the kids. Maia was so not feeling the photo shoot. Copped a major 'tude on me at one point.

All dressed and ready for church. She thought she was SOMETHING in this get-up, esp. the new shoes her Grammie got for her. She had been wanting high heels and The Children's Place came thru for us with these cute ones. She said people would be calling her "Sparkle Maia" because her shoes, tights and dress all sparkled. AND ALL THIS AT AGE 5!!!

Sitting pretty on the rocks at Grammie's House.

She wanted me to take a photo of her gazing into the "gazing ball". Wonder if she sees her future in there?? Wonder if she sees money in mine??

With the pumkins they picked out the day before at Sprawl-Mart.

OMG! She melts my heart. Is she not the sweetest thing you have ever seen???

He is so proud of that missing tooth. His second one to lose.
My preppy, handsome Momma's Boy.

My little tree hugger. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of Harrison.

Anyway, we moved on from there to the Old City Cemetery. Seems to be a favorite of photographers, professional and amateur alike, these days. I got a few decent ones of the kids and some of the pretty fall colors of Virginia leaves. I don't have much to say other than "WELCOME FALL"!!!! I am sooo glad you are here. Enjoy the photos.

Fall foliage in Virginia. Pictures don't do it justice.

So sweet. As much as they fight and pick with each other, they actually do like each other
most of the time.

Maia was NOT into this photo at all. Harrison was all smiles though.

My favorite of Maia

So handsome. He is gonna be a lady killer one day.

All together now, say, "AWWWWWW".


Karen said...

Jennifer, these are gorgeous! Your kids are too cute! I love your pictures. Great job!

35 & holding said...

Thanks for the compliments on the photos! I love taking photos. I wish i could make money doing it! We are SOOOOO BROKE right now with me having just lost two of my daycare kids!!