Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fire Station Fun for TC Miller Kindergarten Students!

Today, I got to go on my Maia's first kindergarten field trip to the Miller Park Fire Station #6. I remember taking a field trip here myself as a kindergartner so it was pretty cool to get to go there with her.It was just a 2 minute bus ride to and from, as it is in the same neighborhood as the school. The kids got to hear all about the fire station, fire equipment, what to do in case of a fire, and even got to go inside the firetruck and rescue squad. Big stuff for a little person. Both kindergarten classes went and several parents.

Miller Park Fire Station #6 est. 1914

We learned that it is the oldest operating fire station in the city, having opened in 1914 and the only one that still uses a slide pole. Pretty cool stuff. The rookie fireman on staff today actually showed up how he slides down the pole. The kids loved this.

"Engine 6"

"Medic 6"

Of course, leave it to my camera to run out of "juice" as soon as we got there. It never fails for me. The only time I lose battery power is when it is something that I really want to get photos of. Happens on all the field trips and school events I have been too. Lucky for me, two other moms I know had their camera so I am hoping they will send me some good shots. I was able to eek out a few, so I will share those here. (I did not take the three of the station, firetruck and medic unit, I "borrowed" them. Shhhh don't tell)

Maia and her friend/classmate, and our old neighbor, Paola.

The kids watching and learning. No, Maia is NOT picking her nose, but it sure does look like it. (I really don't have a good choice of images to include since my batteries wouldn't work!)

Station 6 firemen. The rookie, Gavin, is on the far right. The Captain is the short bald guy!

Watching and listening to a talk on the Medic unit.

Getting all set to fight fires! Capt. told us the equipment weighs 50+ lbs.

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Karen said...

HOW FUN! I love field trips! Can't wait to do this kind of stuff with Kate. :o)