Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few Gripes about Cell Phones

I typically like to keep my blog rather positive. I am sure plenty of people out there have no interest of hearing me bitch and moan about things. However, consider this a public service announcement.

First, If you are in your car, DON'T I repeat DON'T gab on your cell phone. The ear piece things, however ugly and annoying they are to people not on a phone, are OK. I guess. You are still diverting your attention but at least your hands are free. I have been behind or near far to many irresponsible drivers in the past week who are gabbing away on a phone with absolutely NO INKLING as to what is going on around them. Speed Limits?? HA! They seem to set their own, to Hell with anyone else. Driving in the wrong lane, not paying attention to lights that are changing, lane changers, or anything else for that matter.

Second, if you are in a grocery store DO NOT block up the aisle discussing on your cell phone what flavor brownie mix to buy with your boyfriend. I was behind a girl who could have cared less that she was in my way. She knew I was trying to get around her; I even went so far as to give her cart a little push so I could get around. She still didn't move it. Can we say RUDE?? Believe it or not, you are not the only person that inhabits the earth. She proceeded to talk on her phone, the hand held kind, the entire time she shopped with very little concern for anyone around her.

Third, if you are in line at Panara Bread to buy food, do you not realize how rude it appears when you are on the phone having a personal conversation that some may not want to be privy too?? Chris and I were there this past weekend, and I tell you, EVERY GIRL under say 22 in the joint must have been talking on a cell phone. Take it outside, step away from the line, go to your car, whatever, its just that I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR PERSONAL CONVERSATION! Period.

Fourth, DON'T you REALIZE how stupid you look walking around Target/Wal-Mart/Fill in the blank with any location talking into one of those earpieces?? You look like an idiot. Enough said.

Fifth, DO NOT take me into the restroom with you if I happen to call you on your cell phone. I have been into far to many restrooms only to hear someone in the stall next to me yakking away. COME ON!!! Please conduct your personal business and take your conversation elsewhere. I have NO DESIRE to hear your bodily functions while I am talking to you. GROSS.

NO, I do not own a cell phone. I do not WANT a cell phone. Yep, it is your right. I just personally don't want to be connected to a phone all the time. I hear it ring enough at home. If I want you to know where I am I will let you know before hand. Otherwise, leave me alone. I can only think of a few instances where one would come in handy. On a long trip, when my hubby is on call, a trip alone, and a few others come to mind. BUT NONE of them involve just feeling the need to be "connected". Give me a break. Get a life. I sure as heck don't want to hear about yours when I am out in public.


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Karen said...

LOL! I didn't know you didn't have a cell phone. We don't have a home phone.

35 & holding said...

I know lots of people that only have cells and use them as home phones. We use to have one, but got rid of it for budget reasons. I really don't miss it unless i am on a trip and want it for security.