Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy Weekend in the Toler House

We had a busy couple of days this past weekend. Friday evening, after all the gas craziness in town died down, the kids and I grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to my mom's house to hang out. I desperately need a change in scenery by the end of the day on Friday's, and I didn't really feel like dragging the kids out in public and dealing with the meltdowns that have been occurring quite frequently when I do attempt it. So, to Grandma's house we went. Dinner in tow. I found some quite time on her computer, which blows mine out of the water even though I have DSL. My computer is a virtual dinosaur as computer's go. It is pushing 8 years old! YIKES!! That's REAL OLD for a computer. Can't afford a new one, so I make do. We hung out there for a little bit. My kids love to watch all her old movies that she has had since my 21 year old brother was a kid. They chose "The Indian in the Cupboard" this particular evening.

Saturday was Day in the Park, part of September's Kaleidoscope in Lynchburg. Basically, a bunch of local businesses and vendors set up food, games, rides for the kids, a petting zoo and pony rides as well as a variety of live entertainment in the local park. All free, except for the food of course. The kids love it and it is something to do that can be free if you eat before you go and can resist the temptation of fresh cooked funnel cakes. I didn't take money. The kids loved the pony rides and watching a karate exhibition and had fun jumping on the moon walks and such. Chris and I enjoyed watching our church's (Fairview Christian Church) Praise and Worship band, 24/7, perform for a while until the kids started to get bored. Then it got cut short. Oh well. It was REALLY Hot anyway.

Chris, Harrison and Maia relaxing in the shade, watching 24/7 perform.

Most awesome Praise and Worship Band, 24/7

Sunday we headed to church. Chris and I had to keep the nursery. The kids had to finish their crafts they had been working on for a local nursing home. Today was the day we were going to visit and deliver the goodies. After worship, the lovely ladies in charge fixed all the kids a hot dog lunch and we all headed over to the Odd Fellows Home (or Oddville as Maia refered to it in all her innocence) for a visit. The kids had made cute little flower arrangements, cards, and painted boxes, and also had teddy bears and candy to pass out to the residents. They had also worked hard on learning some new songs to sing for them. I forgot my camera, and I could just kick myself! They were so cute! I am going to try hard to obtain some photos that were taken during the visit. They were so excited to visit and pass out their treasures. They brought lots of smiles to faces during their visit and I know they were much appreciated. You could just see it in the eyes of the people they went to see. It was a fun day for everyone.


Karen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Lots of family fun!

35 & holding said...

it was a fun weekend, and made better by the fact that my two darlings were very well behaved most of the weekend. No unnecessary drama to speak of! That is always a plus and makes for more fun for all!!