Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Slackers Week Old Post of Family Fun and Things

Last Saturday my Mother in Law's church, Calvery Baptist, in Concord, had their fall festival. It was an all day affair. The kids had spent the night with her so that I could attend a women's fellowship night at my church on Friday night. I ended up bagging that for a dinner out ALONE with my Chris. You know, I wanted to go, but when it started to feel more like something I had to do rather than something I really wanted to do, I knew it was best to skip it and hang with the hubby.

Saturday we headed on down to Concord (about a 20 minute drive) to have some fun. The weather was great. Chris had taken some of the ramps and such from the skatepark for the kids to skate on at the festival and he went along to help out with that. The kids LOVED the Balloon Dart game and the dunking tank. They could win tokens to be traded in for prizes. There were tons of games set up, great food, music, door prizes, mini ponies, and the cutest alpacas ever. I want one. They are so gentle and sweet to look at. Harrison won 350 PIXIE STICKS. Yep, 350 tubes of PURE SUGAR. How? You had to guess the number of pixie sticks in the jar. There were a bunch of different items to guess on, so WHY I chose to submit a guess for SUGAR I have no idea. He was in seventh heaven. I've been in hell ever since. Maia "spent" all her tokens on three blow up rainbow colored unicorns. She drug those things around for a week afterward. Harrison got a blow up dinosaur and a lot of small items. He went for quantity, she, for quality. That's my girl!

They had a very small (as in three kids) teddy bear parade around the parking lot. Our friends little boy, Haisten, was too cute with his John Deere wagon full of bears.

Enough of my rambling. Here are some photos from the day. I will try to not be such a slacker from now on. I just don't have that much to write about lately, and you REALLY don't want me to get started on the bailout situation. I will only say this... Follow this link. It says all I want to say much better than I could actually say it.

The kids weren't really expecting me and when I got there I caught this photo of Maia seeing me. How cute is that? Excited to see her momma.

The poor guy in the tank didn't stand a chance with Harrison throwing the ball!

Maia and Cousin Christy, who was visiting from Richmond, with her Dad for the weekend.

Harrison and McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog. Nice shoes McGruff.

Maia was so proud of her kitty cat that she didn't want to wash it off that night.

He just looks too happy here. Simple things...

Ready to start the Parade. Maia WAS NOT into it at all. Can you tell??

Haisten Lynn on his John Deere. Too cute!

Uncle Ed, from Richmond, stirring the brunswick stew.

Having a staring contest with Harrison. Actually, if you leaned into them, they would kiss you. (Karen, how do you spell staring?)

The alpacas from Fishwood Farm in Concord.

Every Mother's worst nightmare. (For those of you wondering, the Pixie Sticks have been hidden and will be rationed, then will suddenly disappear at Halloween. If you don't like them, don't come to my house!)

Maia and her Unicorns. She worked HARD to earn enough tokens to get all three.

Hayride! Aunt Kathy, Harrison, Judy aka Grammie, and Maia


selena said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog =) I use a Canon xti and always sharpen my pics for the web...it makes them really pop! If you use an editing program (like photoshop) go to unsharp mask and use the #'s 200/.3/0. (These are for web viewing only...they won't print well)
Your kids are adorable! =)

35 & holding said...

you know, i use to know all of that when i worked. OH well. my brain is mush lately. We need to talk photography one day. My email is jtoler13@verizon.net. YOur photos are great and your kids are super cute. LOVE your daughters room too. YOur son looks like kevin. drop me a line when you have a chance

Karen said...

Those alpacas are so cool! You spelled "staring" right. :o) That looks like a lot of fun! Way to go, Maia, on earning the unicorns. Great photos! Love this kind of fun family stuff!

Karen said...

P.S. I love Pixie Sticks! Congrats, Harrison!!