Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Open House

Listening to … the tv in the living room. Some political speaker talking about McCain.

Thankful for … my health, my home, my family, my good friend near and far, and too many other things to properly list them all.

In the kitchen … the radio is playing, the dishes desperately need to be put into the dishwasher, and Maia's homework is all over the table.

Sewing … is something I want to learn how to do one day. I envy people who can sew really well like my friend Adrienne. I can do a little freehand embroidery, etc. and I like to do this on denim for Maia.

Reading … Admissions by Nancy Lieberman, and a bunch of entertainment magazines like Star, Us Weekly, People.

In the yard/garden … I have an overgrowth of weeds that attract mosquitos and some dead grass.

Praying for … a money tree to grow in my back yard. Seriously, for our church to continue to grow in the absence of Don Wilson.

On the iPod today … don't have one.

Thinking about … why I am so unmotivated to get my butt exercising and get healthier, and the weekend list of things to get done.

Looking forward to … Trunk or Treating at our church in October since Maia and I just bought some cool decorations to do up our trunk!!

Hoping … that my kids will go to sleep with no drama tonight.

Thanks to Karen for the Open House idea. Play along if you like.

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