Thursday, September 4, 2008

What My Day Looks Like

I am going to risk frightening some of you, but I thought I would let you have a glimpse into my day at my private home daycare. Today was a bit different, I must say. My friend, whom I met when I started keeping her first daughter, Sydney, 5 years ago, asked me to keep her youngest, Addison, who is 2. She is a fiery little one. Momma's girl big time. Also today, I had Phoebe, who is also 2. I keep her on a regular basis, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week I have had her everyday. She is very reserved and a bit shy at times. Very clingy but sweet none-the-less. I also keep 5 days a week: Jack age 16 mths, Zander age 1 (have had him since 6 wks old), Jenna age 1 (have had her since 8 wks old), and Xavier age 1. He is my newest and a lover boy! He loves to cuddle. Zander and Jenna are like my children. I have practically raised them as they are in my care from about 8am to 5pm daily. Jack is the child of a friend of ours. He is a bruiser. Sweet and pretty to look at, but big for his age. He likes to hug all the others when they are crying and is very affectionate. Zander is the resident trouble maker. Typical boy age 1 stuff, gets into everything. Jenna is the drama queen. She can definitely hold her own with all the boys. She will let out a scream if she is being treated unfairly or just wants your attention.

Here's the line-up...

Jack, age 16 months. Resident comforter
Zander, age 1. Resident Goof Ball/Trouble Maker

Addison, age 2. Just visiting, but a big time Momma's girl

Xavier, age 1. Resident Cuddle Bug/Snuggler

Jenna, age 1 (doing what she does best, eating paper). Resident Drama Queen.

Phoebe, age 2. Resident Sensitive Child

Today, as I was preparing lunch for them all, I just looked around my kitchen filled with little people and laughed. It was standing room only. Addison and Phoebe were seated at the little tykes table in the center of the room, Jack and Jenna were in booster seats at the table, and Xavier and Zander were in highchairs. Anyone else may have turned around and run out of the house as fast as they could, but I have a system, and I follow it to a T making the day run smooth. The kiddos know my system too. Lunch is at 10:45-11'ish and if I am running late, they start to scream. They know the deal. 10:45 they are OK, 11am?? I better get a move on or my ears pay the price. OK, I have a photo of the lunch event, but don't look at the junk in my kitchen. Remember I stay home, but I care for 5 kids and this day, 6. Let me tell you, after lunch in my kitchen would be a dogs dream come true. I need to photo the floor after the kids have dumped, scraped, swiped, thrown, etc food all over it. It's pretty scary. (What you see in these photos must stay confined to these blogs, lest someone hear that I am messy around the house!!)

Ahhh, four in the floor. Five if you count the half cat you see. That's Louie. He LOVES lunchtime.

Two more at the table. Yep, that is a pile of junk on my kitchen table. It lives there. That's water in the bottle. Don't call social servies on me.

After lunch, we headed back into my living/family room where all the daily action takes place. Yep, I have a big ole' gate that stretches across the huge doorway into my living room. I have to fence them or I would be chasing babies all over the place. As you can see, they love to pull out every toy I have made available to them. They love the play peek-a-boo in the curtains that hang over our french doors. Hours of fun here. They also like to watch certain shows on TV. The fav. this week is Yo Gabba Gabba, which scares me just a bit. Kinda like a show for kids on drugs or something. Hey, they like it and it keeps them thoroughly entertained. Jenna got a bit close to the TV at one point. Why do kids like to be on top of the TV?? Mine did the same thing when they were little. For all of you out there that think I am doing harm to these kids, the TV does not stay on all day for them. Now that mine are in school, I actually get to watch some adult TV, like news, talk shows, game shows. You know, good ole daytime TV.

Addison and Phoebe livening up my day a bit playing peek-a-boo. That is chipped paint, but it is not lead based. Ahhh, gotta love older (circa 1920s) homes.

Jenna, trying to but Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba in his place, no doubt. That's my girl! (NO! I didn't let her do this a minute longer than it took me to take this photo!)

Xavier and Jenna had a wrestling match over the pink purse at one point. They are bad about snatching toys away from each other. Trying to teach a one year old the finer points of sharing is quite a job. Jack had fun riding the pink rocking horse, and Zander played a bit with some trucks.

Xavier trying to take the pink princess purse from Jenna. Somehow, Xavier, I don't think your Dad would be too proud of you...

Jack riding the pink rocking horse.

Zander playing, never taking his eye off Yo Gabba Gabba.

Nap time comes at noon in the Toler household. Thank goodness for nap time!! It is my saving grace, my time to recharge for the afternoon session of child rearing. Plus my soaps are on! I leave you with a few more photos from my day. Enjoy!

You know how hard I had to work to get them all in one shot??? You can see Zander trying to mess it up for me. See? I told you he was a troublemaker. (But I love him to pieces!)


Mom to 4 said...

Girl, you have posted my life, but with different kids! Way to show others just how crazy it can be for us moms who watch other people's children! (Xavier looks thrilled to be in that last photo!!)

35 & holding said...

shoot, these kids were very good this day. Friday was a doozy for me. They were all napping at 11.

Sarah said...

i would go crazy in my house all day with 5 kids, i don't know how you do it. I need outside time, can you take them outside or is it too much?

35 & holding said...

sarah, i could take them out if my yard wasn't infested with mosquito's. It is horrible out back. My allergies give me a fit outside, so i am pretty much stuck in unless i am on concrete with no grass or trees, esp. this time of year.