Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smackdown: Louie vs. The Preying Mantis

Tonight, as my family and I were leaving to go to TC Miller Open House, we opened the door to leave and discovered that our Siamese cat, Louie, was battling it out with a HUGE preying mantis. I have NEVER seen a Preying Mantis stand up on its back legs and strike a fighting pose, but boy was this one ready for the action Louis was giving him. It was the funniest thing! Of course, me being a freak with a camera, and always looking for something to pose about, had to grab the camera. Me and the kids stood and watched for several minutes as the smack down progressed. Louie mainly wanted to play with it. Now, had it been our other cat, Max, he would have eaten it up. The Mantis wouldn't have stood a chance. Louie is too much of a good kitty to eat it, thought it did appear he may have injured it a little bit. Anyway, I don't really have much to say on the topic, you kinda had to be there to really witness a cat fighting a preying mantis. It was truly something to see. Here are some photos. Hope you can see the way the mantis was standing up. It was hard to catch in a still photo. Too funny!!

Poor unsuspecting Mantis

Watching and waiting...

Let me just give him a little nudge to get things going...

Mr. Mantis says "you better back up kitty or things are gonna get ugly"...

Ahhh, now the real smack down begins. The action really picked up when they moved under the rocking chair. All poor Louie wanted to do was play with Mr. Mantis. Mr. Mantis did not want to play with kitty cat. Poor Louie.

After this, we left for school I have no idea what became of Mr. Mantis. I have not seen him since we left. Louie, however, seemed to fair well in this battle as he is asleep on my bed now. Maybe I will see the Preying Mantis tomorrow. Or at least parts of him if Louie decided to have him for dinner.

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