Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Note to Self: Red Fingernail Polish and Kids DO NOT MIX

After school, a little girl I use to keep as a baby/toddler comes to stay with me. She goes to the same school that my two go to and she rides the bus here in the afternoons until her mom or dad come to pick her up around 5. The bus does not get here until about 4:10. Her name is Bailey, and she is cute as a button. Today, I had an appointment. My mom was here with the kids until I got home, around 4:45pm. In a very short amount of time (you can do the math here!) those two little girls, Maia and Bailey, managed to wreak havoc on several items in Maia's room.

The three little angels, Bailey, Harrison and Maia

While putting Maia to bed this evening, Chris stumbled upon a bottle of MY RED NAIL POLISH, let me just say, a practically brand new bottle, spilled over onto the hardwood floors of her bedroom. Her quilt was laying on top of it all. Somehow the quilt was spared all but for one small dime size spot. The floor, not so good. Lucky I had a bottle of NON-ACETONE nail polish remover on hand and with some quick action, Chris was able to get most of it off the floor. Well, after that mess is up, Maia walks out of her room with her LIMITED EDITION amethyst Build-A-Bear, complete with purple fairy costume, with tears in her eyes. Upon close inspection there is the brush to the RED NAIL POLISH all stuck in the bears fur with GLOBS and GLOBS of said nail polish all over the bear and dress. Ok, anyone that has purchased a B-A-B knows that these things are not cheap. Not one you just want to trash without an attempt at stain removal. A less expensive bear would have wound up in the garbage.

Maia and Harrison both got the speech, even though Harrison was innocent in this one, (Bailey's speech is coming tomorrow) about things that don't belong to them and that they are to KEEP HANDS OFF if it is not theirs. I was so mad. So, now, if anyone knows how to get this off of the poor bear Maia named Sparkles, please let me know! I am going to try a small spot of nail polish remover, but I fear it may eat the polyester right off the bear's leg. Someone else told me that OFF Bug Spray would do it too. Anyone heard of this?? Ugg. I think I am going to bed and will deal with this one tomorrow!!


Karen said...

Oh no! I am sorry=--wish I knew how to get it out. Once I dropped a bottle of blue glittery (yes, you read that right) nail polish on my tile bathroom floor (when I lived in NC). It broke, of course, and there were splatters of blue glittery nail polish everywhere. Niiiiice.

Hope you can save Sparkles!

35 & holding said...

i am thinking that the red is just going to be a permanent reminder to Maia of WHY we don't mess with Mommy's things. Get ready! Your little one is growing up fast!! LOL.