Sunday, June 1, 2008

Harrison has a Girlfriend

This past weekend Cousin Kristy came to visit with her Dad, affectionately know as Uncle Ed, from Richmond. They normally come alone, but this trip they had a friend of Kristy's with them. her name is Brooke, and my son was immediately smitten with her. I am guessing from Kristy's age that Brooke is around 16 years old. Harrison spent the evening following her around, sneaking up on her with a music box and leaving it playing a song. Everytime I looked at him, he had a silly grin on his face. When asked why he liked her, his was reply was, "I just like the way she looks, I can't help it!" Here are some photos from our visit with Uncle Ed, Kristy, and Brooke, the older woman!

Harrison cheesing it up with his older woman, Brooke.

I thought this was a good shot of Harrison, sitting on the edge of the fish pond.

Another "pose" of Harrison sitting in the grass. Maybe he sat still because he want to look cute for Brooke, who knows. After I took all these photos, I discovered that my lens was foggy, thus the shadow across all of them. Sucks.

Maia sitting in the front yard of my In-Laws house. They live on a mountain and it has these great rocks that shoot up out of the ground. It is really pretty.

Harrison trying to find his snake skin that was behind the rock.

Look, he found it! Gross. Only a boy would hold on to this like a prized possession. Where there is a skin, there is a snake with a new skin. NO THANKS!!

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Karen said...

Awwww ... a crush! How cute! What a sweetie! Great photos!