Sunday, June 8, 2008

Street Parking Etiquette

So, every house we have owned has come with street parking. No driveway, just the street. When we first bought our starter home, Chris and I had to learn the hard way that there is a certain etiquette that comes with the need to park your vehicle on the street in front of your house. Basically, the area in front of your propery is yours. Off limits to anyone else unless it is a friend/relative/whatever that is visiting your property. Areas in between properties is fair game, and once it has been established that there is a "free area" of space where no one parks on a regular basis, that too, is fair game.

Last night I arrive home at approximately 10pm to find a big big boat on a trailer parked smack dab in front of my house. Where my van ALWAYS parks. Go figure. The owner of this boat has a house three down from mine on the same side of the street that also happens to have a HUGE private driveway. This neighbor also runs a business from home and has his work vans parked all over the street as well. I have already had to ask him to move these vehicles in the past. He also blocks up a good portion of the access road/alley behind the houses on my side of the street. I am not sure, but I think the city would have a problem with that one. He currently parks a flat bed pull behind type thingie on the street that runs perpendicular to our street. I can't figure out WHY he thinks it is a good idea to leave his boat in front of my house?? RUDE?? Yeah! Right now, I have pulled my van up as close as I can get without touching the blades on the motor. We have been advised to park Chris's car as close to the front as we can get. Mind you, I have parents that drop off and pick up their kids and need somewhere to stop their car. Right now, there is no where for them to stop that is close to my house.

Chris and I have said this guy needs to move it to the country. He has far to many toys and cars that occupy a city street. Did I mention the three wheelers?? Am I passive aggressive? You bet your arse. My hope is that once we get our cars in place, he will want to get his boat out. That will teach him a lesson.


Karen said...

How rude! What is wrong with some people!?

Karen said...