Monday, June 30, 2008

My two little guppies

So, this weekend we did our usual jaunt to the pool. With the cooler weather we have had, the water was a bit chilly but it didn't faze the kids one bit. Maia usually swims with a Speedo vest, but Saturday, she got brave enough to face the water without it. She has been working hard at learning to swim (with the face out of course) and was determined to work herself to death swimming from my mom to me. Harrison is practically a fish and has gotten really good at retrieving dive sticks off the bottom of the pool. Can't convince him to take a jump off the diving board though. Maia is hell bent that she is not getting her face wet EVER. These are MY kids!! I grew up at the pool. I was on the swim team at age five until i was 18. How I got a child who doesn't like to get her face wet, I'll never know. Here are some photos from the weekend.

Hanging on for dear life

Swimming to Grandma. Her backside sinks like a ton of lead.

Looks like she is struggling (she wasn't). I guess I could have put the camera down to "save" her. LOL

Can't you just see the fins sprouting from him??

Armed and dangerous!!

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