Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to NOT be a good neighbor

So, the feud between neighbors is on! The boat issue is dead once and for all I hope, but it came with a lot of effort and feuding between several of us. Last weekend, I ended up calling the police because he parked the boat smack in front of my house again, leaving me nowhere to park. His wife had the audacity to smirk at me while I was PMSing. Not a wise choice on her part. Long story short, cops were called and went to visit him asking him to move the boat. He pushed it down in between my house and the house beside me, which was ok with me and the other neighbor. He had been told by my neighbor that was a good place and neither one of us would mind it being there. Remember, this guy also has 4 work vehicles that park on the street on either side, a trailer on the side street, and a defunct van that parks in the back alley, totally blocking access.

Today, my neighbor tells us that the proverbial poopy has hit the fan and they had an all out feud about the boat, words and looks were exchanged and he basically told him that all of his neighbors were sick and tired of his crap and that it broke zoning laws and to MOVE IT once and for all. He took it to his parents house, where it use to reside before all of this anyway. The nerve. You just can't take the "red" out of some people I suppose. He needs a lesson on how to be a good neighbor. We will probably all have our tires slit tomorrow morning.

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Sarah said...

Funny, I have been complaining this week about the house two doors down from us who has seven vehicles parked in the driveway and street and when an eighth showed up it had to park in front of our house, they are starting to fill up the whole street.