Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Year Ago...June 2007

So, for lack of anything exciting to post, I thought I would take a look back one year and see what was going on in our lives in June 2007. Here is what I found...

We had just gotten our new addition, a siamese kitten that we named Louie. He was rescued from the Pulaski County Animal Shelter. Harrison and Maia love this cat to death! He is a great cat and very gentle and loving.
Maia holding her new kitty. Looks like he is trying to escape. It is funny to see how much the kids have grown in a year as well!

I love this photo of Harrison and Louie sleeping. Spoiled Louie still likes to cuddle with either me or Harrison at night, all night, under the covers. The Shelter we rescued Louie from actually published this photo in their newsletter to show successful rescue.

Amos, our 2 year old at the time, cat playing with his new bro' Louie. The size difference is hilarious to me. Louie wouldn't back down either.

Not really sure what's with the dumb expression on my face, other than the fact that I took this photo myself....I just thought that the look on Louie's face was hilarious. I promise I wasn't squeezing him. I think he had just had enough of the hands on photo shoot.

Harrison looking cooler than ever in his shark goggles at the pool. So serious...

Not really sure what Harrison's plan was here, but I don't normally let him be such a dare devil. I am pretty sure this photo wouldn't win me the mother of the year award. I think he was going to try to jump off the stool with the thought that the umbrella would act like a parachute. I had to curtail this event...

So, there it is. One year ago, June 2007. Maia didn't make too many appearances that month. She was going thru her "I will NOT be photographed" phase if I recall correctly.

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Karen said...

Meow! That cat photo is HILARIOUS! And the sleeping one is so sweet!