Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here We go Again...

... isn't that a song by Dolly Parton? Anyway, once again, my daughter has chosen to fall in love with a toy that is unattainable. At least, it is hard to find. The toy is the Yummi-Land dolls and animals. The dolls come in soda pop bottles and have a scent to them. They come with a scented bobble head pet and a purse that is scented lipgloss. They are sold in themed sets, or groups, such as Ice Cream Pop Girls, Candy Pop Girls, Soda Pop Girls, and Flower Pop Girls. To my knowledge, they have not been around long, and it appears that they were very very short lived. Don't know why. They are super cute. Much cuter than Bratz, which I despise to no end.

Betsy Bubblegum with Susie Sprinkles Seal

It all started when she was given one for Christmas last year. I followed it up with a set of the baby animals and they nursery furniture they came with. Well, she pulled it out recently and started to play with it full force. I happened to be in Target one night a week or so ago, and they were clearancing out all the old toys in the process of the new Christmas items they were getting in. I love Target Clearance. I found what was left of these doll on sale for $2.50. They are normally $10-$12 a set. I bought them all. There wasn't many, but I did buy even the duplicate ones because we have three birthdays for little girls to attend in August. Great gifts! (I even picked up a $25 spy kit for Harrison for a mere $3) EXCITING!

Mindy Mint Chocolate Chip and Sadie S'Mores St. Bernard

Being me, I got on ebay to see what the deal was with these things and what they are selling for. My daughter has a way of liking things that become hot items. In the past it was Sweet Streets by Fisher Price. It was discontinued. Check out the prices for this stuff on ebay!! The hospital she has sold for as much as $100.

Cissy Cinnamon Roll & Winnie Waffle ***Carly Candy Apple & Shana Sugar Cookie

I am now on a hunt for these dolls. It seems that, they too, are being discontinued. I went to Toys R Us to see what they had. They are still full price, but will probably be marked down soon. Kmart also has a bunch of them. Again, full price. BUT no one here really goes to Kmart, so they had TONS and TONS of them. I will have to keep watch. They tend to cost more at Kmart for some reason. I don't know why they didn't take off with the little set. They are really cute little things and smell good too!

If anyone out there likes stuff like this, that tends to have a good resale value, keep you eyes open for these. If you already have them, hang on to them. You may be sitting on a gold mine.

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