Saturday, August 16, 2008

Home Sweet Harrison

My baby boy came home Wednesday evening with my mom. He was talking all big about staying until Friday and coming home with my dad and nephew, but I knew he would cave as soon as my mom decided to pack up and head home. She had to come home early because of some appointments that could not be changed. He ended up spending the night with my mom at her house Wednesday night and returning on Thursday to see him Momma. He told me he missed me only a little bit. I guess that is better than not at all, huh??? He is such a momma's boy. I love it! Here is a photo of his dirty little face after a day of playing cars in the dirt with Ethan. He looks bruised and battered, but yes, that is DIRT! Gotta love a little boy! (That's my nephew, Ethan, in the background)

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