Monday, August 25, 2008

Kindergarten and First Grade Here We Come!

The first day of school went off with any problems. The kids got ready on time and were waiting for the bus long before it was time for it to be here. Our cat, Max, even waited with us. I was doing great until another kindergarten mom started to tear up. Lucky for me, I had to leave ASAP for a trip to the Dr. so I didn't have time to dwell on sending my baby off to school. I did get a bit teary when I saw the other mom and saw my baby sitting on the bus when it was pulling off. My day was very quiet (as quiet as it can be with four 1 year olds that I keep) for the most part. No chattering by Maia and the constant, "did you hear me??" that she loves to ask us lately. No kid tv shows on non-stop, no big kid toys all over the place, in addition to the baby toys. I was ready for them to come home though. Harrison was excited about school from the start. He got his favorite first grade teacher, Mrs. Hudson, that he claims is the most "beautiful teacher, and I can't take my eyes off her." She is pretty. He has good taste in women.

The arrived home a little afte 4pm. I guess the bus was running late, which is pretty typical on the first day of school. Both of them hoped off the bus and no declaration was made about not going to school again, so I guess the day was successful. I only hope tomorrow goes as smoothly as today did! I leave you with some photos from the event! Enjoy!

Maia getting ready to go to the bus stop. She hand-picked her outfit.

The Sleeping Beauty backpack from Disney Store. Has a matching lunchbox that clips onto the front but I chose to put it in the bag since the bag was empty and the lunchbox was heavy.

Harrison excited to start school the first day. He has always loved going to school.

Max keeping watch for the bus. Him and Amos, below, were actually playing in the monkey grass that grows along my neighbor's sidewalk.

Amos hiding from Max. His tail was on one side and his head poking thru the other side. Maia thought this to be histerical and wanted me to take a photo.

Here comes bus 20!!

Harrison boards first, followed by Maia. Mrs. Mary has been driving this route for years and is the best bus driver you could ask for!

There she goes, off to Kindergarten!! Looking pretty happy!

Coming home, looking noticeable more tired than she did in the AM.


Karen said...

WONDERFUL pictures! They are both so cute! I LOVE the school bus photos--classic! I was thinking of you earlier today and wondered how your morning went. :o)

35 & holding said...

thanks!! I think they are pretty cute myself! I think this week we will be ok, but when she realizes that it is everyday every week, then we may have some issues.