Saturday, August 9, 2008

You Can Find IT on Ebay

Ok, maybe I should say that 'cause knowing my luck it is a copywrited phrase. Oh well. The fall selling season has begun and I have been listing fall items for a week now. It is amazing what will sell on ebay. I have been selling my children's outgrown clothing on there (and buying new things as well) for several years now. I use to take them to the local resale shop, Once Upon a Child, or Where the Kids Things Are, but they got to greedy and didn't want to give more than a $1 or so for each item, no matter what brand or condition. Then the resale price was three times that or more. Crazy. Several brands of children's clothing sells well on ebay. Gymboree is a no brainer, sometimes bringing in more at auction than the item was originally purchased for. The Children's Place, Gap, Old Navy, Mini Boden, Naartjie, Lands End, Oilily, and lots of other boutique brands do exceptionally well as well.

It is a bit time consuming, but I have found it to be well worth the effort I put into it for the most part. It is all about timing and pricing. Quality and type of product doesn't hurt either. Check out my auctions on ebay. Tell a friend. I need some money!

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Karen said...

CUTE stuff! Wish it was a little bigger ... or a little smaller. ;o)