Friday, August 29, 2008

End of Summer Update

As summer comes to a screetching halt, I thought I would post an update on some of the events that have happened over the last few weeks that have not made it into my blog. I posted about the unwillingness of Maia not putting her face in the pool back in June. Well, by the beginning of August, we had come a long way! She decided one day that she would get her face wet, and from there, just took off with swimming, floating on her back, putting her face in, jumping in the pool from the side and swimming without her vest! She is quite good at swimming on her back.
Maia floating on her back. She has gotten very good at swimming on her back and will be a backstroker like her momma was!

Maia taking the plunge

Going under the water

Harrison finally decided he would go off the diving board. Of course, the day he decided to do this I was not with him, but rather, he was at the pool with my mother in law. Once he started, he couldn't stop. He would jump over and over and then come up swimming and swim under the rope into the other parts of the pool without ever stopping.

Harrison, standing ready on the diving board...

Making the jump...

Success! Into the water! No fear at all!

Harrison also learned to dive toward the end of the pool season. His dive was quite funny and actually very good for a newbe. Check out the progression...

What form on a 6 year old!

This one looked like it hurt, which he informed us, it did.

I got a shot of the pretty butterfly trying to get some water during the rainless last few weeks.


Karen said...

Wow, they are really great swimmers! Wonderful pics. The butterfly shot is really cool.

Tell Chris thanks for the blog comment! :o) And thank you, too!!

35 & holding said...

thank! YOu are welcome too! Chris loves your blog and tannas too for that matter. thinks they are both funny. He loves tanna's sense of humor. My camera is getting old and i really need a new one. It just doesn't do action shots at all. You are the only one who leave me comments, so thank you for yours!! I am lonely on here...