Sunday, August 10, 2008

Missing Harrison

Today, Harrison left to go camping for a week with my parents and my youngest nephew, Ethan. He has been away from home before, but it has been a while - several years at least. I dropped him off this morning at my mom's house. They are going to Loft Mountain, near Harrisonburg, VA and should be back Friday. I almost cried when I pulled away. I get weird when I know he is going to be in the car for a while, especially if I am not going to be with him. I told my mom to please call when they arrived safely at their destination. Of course, Maia is having her own private little party here without her big brother. She is loving being the only child, but I have my bets that she will be asking for Harrison in a matter of two days. TOPS. Harrison told me he would miss me a little. Oh, if only he knew how much I was missing him right now. Just seems weird, especially at night. Wish me luck getting thru the week!


Karen said...

Hope the week goes by fast for you! I know you are all missing each other.

35 & holding said...

i know he is having a great time and getting to experience something i did all the time as a child. It is good for him to be away. I guess it is all part of learning to let go a little.