Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From the Shore to the Mountains...

...in one week! Wow! My kids and I have done quite a bit. First the beach (see older posts). This past weekend, my kids and myself headed to Mount Rogers to camp for the weekend with my Mom and Dad at Beartree Camp Ground. Let me tell you, this is some beautiful country! Do I sound like a hick?? It is located off I-81 at the Abingdon, VA exit. You pass thru the quaint little town of Damascus, VA which thrives in part due to the Va. Creeper Trail, that passes right thru this cute little town. (Have you guessed that I like the Hyperlink option?? I REALLY REALLY like it!) My hubby was working the skate park all weekend, so I decided to drive the three hours to the campground with kids in tow and expose them to a little nature. We arrived around 9:30pm Friday night and stayed until 10am Sunday morning. While we were there we visited Green Cove Station, the lake at the campground for a little mountain lake swimming, the playground for some tire swing and fire pole action (my Dad decided it would be a good idea to spin me around on the tire swing, yeah, maybe not. I almost puked!), and the kids took a short hike with my Dad while Grandma and Mom got some much needed R&R. They loved the hike, and my four legged brother, Spike, managed to find his way to a mud hole where he decided to take a dip. He didn't like the bath that came after the fact.

Saturday night, the kids had a ball roasting marshmellows and making their first S'mores. I got great pleasure just watching my kids revel in things I use to do on a regular basis as a child. I remember playing with my older brother on our family camping trips in the same mountains. Our favorite was taking matchbox/hotwheels cars and making roads, bridges, and such complete with stick guardrails around the campsite. Harrison found pleasure in the same. So much so that he didn't want to leave on Sunday when it was time for us to go. He ended up staying with my Mom and Dad and coming home with them on Monday. Maia and I headed back down the mountain and to Roanoke (and 100 degree heat) for a little girl time shopping and using our Gymbucks on some new digs for school. Quite a fun weekend for all!!

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