Thursday, July 17, 2008

Surfside Myrtle Beach

Harrison and Maia's Sandcastle

*** Warning: Lots and Lots of Photos of Cute Kids***

I have been a slacker on this blog lately. Ahhh, summer. Lazy days and lazier nights. We got back from the beach a week ago tomorrow. What fun. The kids had a blast and we got some good quality family time in around the area. We went to the "strip" as mentioned in my previous post. Kids played some skeet ball in the arcade and walked on the beach. Thanks to my hubby's Aunt Pat who works at the Crown Reef Resort, we were able to get super deep discount tickets for the four of us to go to The Dixie Stampede one night. We had front row seats and Harrison got to participate in the chicken races that they do for the kids. He had a ball and even got a medal and a book for taking part in the fun. Maia was suppose to join him, but backed out at the last minute. If you have never been, it was well worth it. The show was fantastic and the food wasn't bad either.

Inside Dixie Stampede. Mom, of course, rarely gets in a photo since I am ALWAYS behind the camera. If it wasn't for me, we would have no photos.

Inside the Gay Dolphin Gift Shop

Miss Hollywood posing in her getup

Harrison and Maia really enjoyed the ocean and the sand. I was convinced that Maia would turn into a sand monster the way she rolled around in it. Her bathing suit is still full of sand, even after a washing and several dips in the pool. Harrison really was brave in the water. Showing practically no fear. A huge change from last year. He was a little pro riding the waves on his boogie board and a little body surfing for good measure. Me, I love the ocean. There is nothing like coasting over the waves before they break on you and the sensation of rolling along with them. I could do without the sand though. Here are a few photos taken on the beach on various days. I am a freak with a camera. I really like the ones of Harrison with the boat. Yeah, I am an amatuer photographer at heart...

About mid-week, we took the kids to Family Kingdom. It is a great amusement park, very clean, very family oriented and mostly full of kid rides, minus the scary park workers. This is definitly a place you want to visit if you have young kids. I can't say enough about it. The kids have a blast and got to ride just about every ride. Harrison said his favorite ride was the roller coaster and Maia liked the bumper cars. Harrison cracked us up by putting his hands up in the air as the coaster went down the hills. Too cute.

Riding the bumper cars at Family Kingdom

Harrison was pretty much over the "photo shoot" at this point. His face says it all.

Maia on the Carousel

If you are going, a great, off the beaten path to eat is Nibils at the Surfside Pier. It is small, so if you go and have a large party, call ahead. The food is great, and the service is superb.

After we ate at Nibils, I attempted to do an amatuer photo shoot of my kids. Boy, I could never be a professional photographer of kids. I would be arrested to what might happen to them. Mine were determined to make it difficult, chasing each other, throwing sand, etc. Anything but what mom wanted them to do. If it had been sunny, fine, but there was a light rain and it was getting dark. I did manage to get some great shots (IMO) though. Let me know what you think!! In the photos are my MIL, Judy, my FIL, Wayne, my kids, Chris, and LOOK!! I got in one photo!! (though i don't know how flattering it is!!)

One night, we headed down to Garden City Pier one night in hopes of seeing the fishermen and their catch. The fishermen throw the fish heads off of their catch of the day, and when they do this, sharks will come to the surface to eat them. Harrison was sooooo excited, but alas, the fish were not biting, so no shark sightings this trip. Harrison and Maia did get to jump on one of the trampoline/bungee jump things. I have never seen a kid go so high as Harrison did. Maia looked a bit scared or unsure at first, but once she got the hang of it, she loved it!

The last night of our vacation, we were going to head to minature golf, but it rained. The kids were disappointed, but all was well when we pulled out the Wii and taught them how to play the bowling game. I am not a video game person, but i swear, it was like being in a bowling alley, minus the 10 ton ball that I can never hold. Harrison and Maia really got into it and I have never laughed so hard at them. They were so cute and serious. They topped Chris and his Dad's score at 100 and 103 in the final game. The look on their faces during the game was priceless.

I love the beach and love a vacation even more, but there is something nice about coming back home when all is said in done. We came home on Friday, so we had the weekend to recover from our adventures and get back in the swing of things.


Karen said...

GREAT PHOTOS!! We ate at that same restaurant on the pier our last night at the beach. :o) Sounds like you all had a great time, so much fun!

35 & holding said...

thanks! I think they are good, even if i did them myself! That was our last night. I had the blog a bit out of order and it kinda just rambles... oh well... not a writer!!

35 & holding said...

thanks! I think they are good, even if i did them myself! That was our last night. I had the blog a bit out of order and it kinda just rambles... oh well... not a writer!!