Monday, July 28, 2008

Maia Models for Mom

Saturday, right after Maia's professional photo shoot with local photographer, Jack Henley, I decided to head down to the Old City Cemetery to do my own photo shoot. We have been going to Jack since Harrison was born. He is almost 7. I have a Once Upon a Lifetime album for both kids and I have been adding to them ever since. However, as my interest in photography has grown and my funds have not, I am trying to do more of my own photography. Thus the reason for the trip. I am in no way kicking good ole Jack to the curb (he is great with the kids and great with a camera, plus I want to build the albums until they are seniors in high school), but he is quite expensive so I am not able to buy all the photos that I wish I could. Maia had to be bribe. Horrible of me as a parent, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I have bad bad memories of past trips to Jack... Lucky for me, she had her heart set on a $6 paint a piggie bank... But i digress...

Playing coy for mom

Maia loved this big pink flower we took along for the photo shoot

I love love love this photo of my beautiful daughter

Back to the Cemetery photo shoot... Maia was a trooper. It is something I have wanted to do for some time now, and just never had the right moment to take her. I want to take my son as well, but he was skateboarding with his dad, so I made Maia feel like a princess and lavished tons and tons of attention on her for several hours. Lucky for us, it wasn't too hot and the cemetery is mostly in the shade. I know, I know, sounds kinda creepy to take a child to a cemetery for a photo shoot, right? Well, it is beautiful grounds to say the least. Great architectural detail abounds, a fish pond full of fish, lilies, frogs, complete with rock walk and wrought iron benches. Not to mention the historical aspect that is associated with the cemetery. Fascinating to say the least.

the cute little frog cooperated for me too

sitting near the fish pond

the lilies in the pond were really really pretty. This reminds me of a logo I designed once upon a time. If I had it in digital format I could post it. That was a LONG LONG TIME AGO!!

looking at the fish

Sitting pretty on the wrought iron bench by the fish pond

So so serious for only five years of age

the rotunda in the confederate section of the cemetery

Posing for mom at the rotunda in the confederate burial section of the cemetery

Chapel and Columbarium, honoring religious leaders buried there since 1806

A Kids Haven memory garden is the home of a HUGE tree swing. There is a beautiful chapel ( I was hoping it was open for more photos, but it is closed unless there are walking tours), a train depot, and a rose garden/nature walk. Check out the link for more detail. It is one of the many historical sites in Lynchburg that visitors frequent. Maia enjoyed being princess for the moment, and mom got to indulge a bit and pretend that I was a real photographer.

Love the pout on this one! She really was happy, really!!

Having fun on the swing. I think she would have stayed on it for hours...

We spent about half an hour on the tree swing, and then the heat just got to be too much and we had a birthday party to attend as well, so we headed out. I did make a quick stop downtown for a few photos at an old warehouse. Photo quality started to dwindle at this point in the day.

I know, I am such a wanna-be, but I have fun doing it and Maia didn't seem to mind the attention she was getting either. Maybe one day I will get even better with a camera...Maybe...


Karen said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS! They look great, Jennifer! She is so pretty!

35 & holding said...

thank you! I am a nut with a camera!