Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

This evening my family went to Riverfront Skatepark for a private get together to celebrate the 4th. It was a fun evening of hot dog eating, fireworks and sparklers, skateboarding and just hanging out and chatting and laughing. The kids (adult male variety included) had a great time riding their skooters,razors, and skateboards around the park, and the grown "kids" entertained us all by trying to ollie the little tykes picnic table that we took along for said purposes. Harrison cracked us up "jumping" over the corners of the ramps and Maia found a friend in little Lance. Such a cutie. Harrison declared at one point that it was past his bedtime, but he wasn't tired and he wanted to burn something else (fireworks). Crazy piromaniac child of mine. Maia just ran away. She is not a huge fan of fireworks. At least not the kind that you do yourself. Here are some photos from the evening! Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!

Dressed for the Fourth and ready to go party!!

Moms token photo of herself at a family event.

Maia being herself.

Chris doing a trick on the half pipe.

Lance hanging out at the table.

Lance's Dad, Jeff, hanging on to the side of the bowl. It thought it was a funny photo.

Craig jumping the little tykes picnic table.

Jeff takes a turn...

Jeff goofing off...

Harrison jumping the corner of the ramp

Maia riding her Dora skooter

Maia looking thrilled to death. I am pretty sure at this point in the evening she was pooped!

The little piromaniac!

Tiredness...Nothing a little sugar from a cupcake can't cure!

Fireworks in the parking lot. Happy Independence Day!

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