Saturday, July 5, 2008

Welcome to the Freak Show!

So, my family arrived in Surfside Beach (near Myrtle Beach) today. After we got settled into the house of My hubby's aunt and uncle Chris and I decided to take the kids to the "strip" for some fun. We were not there long, but long enough to witness quite a freak show of people. As we drove down the main stretch looking for somewhere to park, hotel after hotel (not the nicer ones, but the run down skank shacks) were running over with redneck guys and gals drinking beer in cans (is it not illegal to have an open beer can on the street?) baring their chests, gals too people! The gals did have on tops, but some may as well not have had on anything at all. Mullets galore. Missing teeth, dirty babies. Gross. Not kidding.

We stopped and went to my favorite place as a child, The Gay Dolphin, and let the kids wander thru the endless maze of cheap junk. I swear some of it is the exact same inventory they had when I was a child. If you have never been there, it is definitly a place to stop on the next visit to the area. It is an amazing multi-level tower of junk. Some of it is actually pretty cool and expensive to boot. Something for everyone.

After that, we went to the arcade and played a few rounds of skeet ball, and the hurricane thing that you have to stop the light in between the arches. Chris is a big fan of the quarter push things. We got some tickets, the kids got some junk for them and then we headed out to the boardwalk for some more freak watching. On the boardwalk we encountered a woman wearing practically nothing, big, african american (no i am not prejudice at all, but the facts are the facts) woman, wearing a black tank top with little to no bra to support the girls, and I *think* she may have had on shorts, but they were too short to tell where the shirt ended and the shorts started. Add to that the wedge heel laced up the leg espadrilles, and some gold teeth, and boy was she a sight!

When we were leaving the strip to head back to our car Hulk Hogan almost ran us over in his big obnoxious yellow pick up truck. No kidding, he looked just like Hulk Hogan and was no more concerned about pedestrians than the man in the moon.

We did have a great time despite all of this. I have always been a big fan of people watching, and boy was there plenty of that to do tonight!!

Tomorrow we are hopefully off to the shore to catch some rays and dig up some sand. Harrison got a fish net tonight and he is looking forward to catching a fish or two. Maia is ready to take a dip in the ocean, rain or shine! I am glad that Surfside is freak free for the most part. Scared to think of what may lurk on the sand during the day!!

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Karen said...

I love people watching!