Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Big Hurrah for Public Schools

I just had to post while it was on my mind. I just got back from having lunch at TC Miller Elem. School of Innovation. I went there with McDonald's in tow to eat with Maia. Last night, there was a meeting at her school for parents with the superintendent of the schools here. Seems there was a problem with the principal and she is no longer in the position with the school. They have placed an interim for the remainder of the school year. When I was there today, the interim, who wasn't suppose to start until Friday, was there, in the lunchroom milling around, sitting with the students and teachers and talking with each one. Really putting herself out there. Getting involved. Which I think is the main problem parents and teachers alike had with the last one. I am not trying to speak for anyone, but thru the grapevine, that is what I heard.

Anyway, while I was at the school, I had a chance to speak with a lot of the different staff (teachers, office workers, aides, resource teachers, etc) and let me just say, I give them a big thumbs up. Not only do they KNOW who you are when you enter the school and which child is yours, but they are so welcoming at having you there. I try to go out of my way, even when the budget doesn't really allow it, to do nice things for them. This week is Education Week and the staff all have wish items on a "tree" that you can choose from and then send that item to school. Nothing big; tissues, crayons, pencils, drinks, candy, paper, etc, you get the idea. Some are for personal use, but most were for the classroom. These are people that are teaching our children. I respect them and am very grateful for their presence in my child's life. Most go out of the way to assist in any way they can and the communication between parent/teacher is encouraged and welcomed. I like that the staff take the time to know who we are and make every effort to involve the parents. Now, I know, that seems like something all schools should do, but I don't think it always happens that way.

TC Miller is unique in the city in that it is very small. Two classes per grade, starting K-5. They just added one Pre-K class this year. The teachers know all students in all grades by name, with very few exceptions. It is a very close knit community feel to the school. They also have a full time art, music, science, movement and computer teacher on staff. I am so glad that we chose to apply to this school rather than the school the kids would have gone too. I have heard other parents complain about public schools, but I must say, I have very few complaints and the ones I have are MINOR and not related to education at all. I think the teachers and staff at TCM go out of their way to ensure my child is getting the best education. They are all very talented in what they do and I thank them for this. I know that my children are getting a very well rounded education at TCM and that is a great feeling to have as a parent . Kudos to you TCM and your excellent staff!!

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