Thursday, November 13, 2008

Playing Games

I have been playing around with some different header ideas today. Sarah, in no way, am I trying to diminish what you created for me. I love it and have it saved in my folder of headers to use at various times. I have just been feeling particularly melancholy lately about my kids. Maybe it is reading about all the kids that have had cancer and passed away, or are still fighting the fight. Or maybe, seeing things in the new lately about kids being abused, abducted, or just whatever. So today I pulled out the 'ole photoshop and started to mess around with a bunch of photos. Putting my graphic design skills, that have long lay dormant, to use once again. Boy, it is AMAZING how quickly you forget if you don't use the skills. I use to know my way around photoshop, but now I am afraid, I will have to relearn a lot of it. Oh well. So, for all you reading my blog, you may see a new header quite frequently as I play around and come up with some new ones. Then again, the way I put off, postpone, slack, drag my feet, with things, you may not. I may just use the template I have saved and change the photos. I may do them seasonal, maybe not. I know, I know, the water lily is NOT seasonal, but I just liked the photo and the colors.

Enough for tonight. I am going to watch tonights Survivor that I recorded. More tomorrow.

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