Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, You're Telling Me I am Really NOT an Ostrich?

Life is hard people. Life is hard. I know, it is tough for alot of folks right now with the pissy economy and all. But it still doesn't make my pill any easier to swallow. I am having a rough day. I have this beautiful budget all laid out in Quicken. It is pretty in theory only. We are so far off our budget at this point in November that it is scary. I don't how we will catch it up, unless we win the lottery. So I have this BAAAADDDD habit I tend to do when the road gets bumpy. I play like an Ostrich and stick my head right down into the sand.

Problem is, the problem doesn't go away. It is usually only compounded by the fact that I have ignored it for so long. Its like a snowball out of control. I am overwhelmed by things and tend to just shut down when this happens. I literally become paralyzed by the things that are bugging me. Whether it be the mess in my house, the laundry piled up, the bills, life, etc. I am not quite sure how to stop this bad habit. Habits that are life long are VERY hard to break. I am quite envious of those people you see on all these TV shows that are able to make HUGE changes in life, be it weight loss, cleaner houses, better financial choices, or whatever. You fill in the blanks. There are tons of those shows around. I suppose if I had that kind of support I too could make a major overhaul of things. Right now, my method of robbing Peter to pay Paul just really isn't working. My attempts at exercise are laughable, the weights definitely going the wrong way thanks to a huge lack of willpower, and the house looks like a tornado went through it all the time, my to do list is crazy long. I've got to find a way to overcome this "head in the sand" thing I do before things get worse. How do you keep from shutting down? Chris says you just have to "do" it. Easier said than done IMO. Right now my brain hurts. I think I will go take a nap and tune it all out for a while.


Sarah said...

there is a great series andy stanley just did about worrying, you can get it on itunes or on's website, it about not worrying. to get through things like house cleaning, i try and set little goals, like i clean during commercials of a show i might watch or while i listening to a sermon. i am also a list maker because it feels good when things are checked off.a

Karen said...

I love Andy Stanley. :o) I'm sorry you are having a hard time. Try not to worry--just tackle one thing at a time and do the best you can. Hang in here! ((HUGS))