Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maia's Field Trip to Avoca Museum

Maia's kindergarten class took a field trip Monday to Avoca Museum in Altavista, VA. which is about 30 minutes from Lynchburg. I had the pleasure of going on the trip with her and it was a lot of fun. They went to learn about Colonial Life, in keeping with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching. Here are some photos from the day.

Maia and Paola on the bus ride to Avoca. Too cute!

The class gets the "how to act" lesson from Mrs. Webb before the tour begins.

First, we got a tour of the log cabin, courtesy of Frank, dressed in colonial attire. Pretty cool stuff. I learned that sleep tight refers to how they had to tighten the ropes on the rope bed to keep the mattress from sagging. He also taught the kids how they bathed, chores that had to be done, how they cooked, and how many people typically lived in a house this size (8) in case you are wondering. My kitchen was bigger than this house! UGGG. Glad I am a modern day gal!

Maia taking a turn at making butter. They didn't use the churn, but rather, heavy cream in a jar. Each child got to shake it 8 times and when all 19 kids were done, we had real butter!! Good to know in a pinch!

The main house taken from the porch of the log cabin. It is HUGE and beautiful inside!

Kenny and Frank demonstrating the stocks for the class. Poor Kenny. He NEVER misbehaves and is such a sweet boy. Maia refused to get her photo made in the stocks. I have already placed my order for one to be installed at my house. KIDDING!!
Maia and her buddy Ryan acting silly. I had a time getting a serious photo of these two goofs!

On a second attempt of this photo, I managed to get Ryan and Megan to cooperate, but check out Maia! Silly girl.

Miss Elizabeth teaches the class about school and dress in colonial times. Those kids back then got some serious corporal punishment. I would have NEVER misbehaved in Colonial Days!
The class gets to try writing on slates with chalk. Reminded me of Little House on the Prairie.

Miss Elizabeth also demonstrated how to make yarn for clothing. Here she is spinning the wool into yard. The big wheel serves to make the little wheel go faster so she doesn't have to pump her foot so hard to get the little wheel to spin. I always thought the yard went around the big wheel too! Shows you what I know about Colonial Days.

Maia dressed in Colonial garb, sitting at the spinning wheel. She fits the part! Cutie!!!

LOOK!!! Mom got in a photo with Maia, thanks to Owen's mom and my friend, Tricia. After our tour was over, we sat inside the gift shop (because it was too cold to picnic outside) and had our "picnic" lunch before departing for the return trip to TC Miller. What a great day I had with my baby girl!! Thanks Grammie for watching the kids for me so I could go!

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Karen said...

Fun times! What a special mommy-daughter day for you both! I love field trips.