Monday, November 3, 2008

I Will be SOOOOOO Glad...

...when this election is O-V-E-R. Everywhere I look, there is so much discussion going on about each candidate. I guess that is a good thing, and it is a pretty historical election for us. I just don't think things are as black and white as they can be made out to seem. I tend to see LOTS of gray in each topic being discussed this election. Here are some of my favorite campaign issues...

Lets talk about the issue of abortion. Government SHOULD NOT be allowed to decide this for a woman. Now, before you want to lynch me, I in no way condone or support abortion. That being said, I am not wholly opposed to it either. Every situation should be treated individually as it comes about. I simply think a woman should be allowed to decide what her course of action will be. What she decides will ultimately be between her and God on judgement day. It is not my decision, nor the decision of our politicians to be her judge and jury or to tell her she cannot have an abortion. I do know that if my daughter grows up one day, and is laying on an operating table and the Dr. is telling her husband and parents that it is her or the baby, you can bet your ass I am going to choose the life of my daughter. Taking a life is taking a life. If you ban abortion, then my daughter would die. Is that any better than the baby dying?? Banning abortion is all about the rights of the unborn child to live. What about all the innocent children that have died as a result of the war?? Did they not have a right to live?

Now lets talk gay marriages and social security benefits. I DO NOT agree with this at all. I think marriage is between a man and a woman and GOD. Period. That being said, if a couple puts into social security, they should be able to draw out of it. Enough said. Any discussion about being gay being wrong is simply not for me to decide. That again, is between God and said person on judgement day. Me judging them for simply being gay is just as big a sin as being gay.

The War. NEEDS TO END NOW. I support our troops that are fighting the war; that is what they chose to do. BUT the reason we are there in the first place is wrong. Enough said.

The topics of energy and the environment.. We need to find other ways of producing our own rather than relying so much on other countries. It needs to be as green as it can be so my children have a safe and healthy world to grow up in. If the OZONE is gone, do the other issues even matter?

As for the tax breaks being eliminated for companies that move their business overseas?? AMEN to that. Far to many people lose jobs in American because big business is trying to save a buck by exploiting people who will work for cheap and shipping our jobs over to them. Not cool. Not cool at all. Personally, I am quite sick of calling about a bill/complaint/technical issue/etc only to get a non-English speaking person on the other end where the is clearly a communication break down and they have NO IDEA at the opinions and concerns I am trying to convey to them. Companies that strive to keep jobs here should be rewarded, the others, punished.

There ya go. They are the big ones for me. Remember, this is MY OPINION and MY VIEW. Don't go getting all angry with me for expressing them on MY BLOG. Just get out and vote tomorrow for your presidential candidate of choice. Just be sure to know all the facts first.

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