Monday, November 24, 2008

Fancy Nancy Visits the Tolers

Maia thinks she is Fancy Nancy. She is in LOVE with these books and everything that goes with them. She will be getting the doll and some dress up clothes to go with it and the matching dress up clothes that fit her (Maia). Should be a funny day! Below are two of the most recent books. The original Fancy Nancy book could not be located for this photo shoot. If you have never read one of these books, you MUST go check one out. They are just too cute. My favorite is Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy. Oh yeah, She will be getting "Frenchy" the posh puppy too! Looks like Fancy Nancy will be moving in Dec 25.

Saturday, she spent the better part of an hour running around the house getting "accessories" to put on so she looked fancy. Check out the shoes and socks and the dark purple eyeshadow! Love it! I had to snap a photo. She is such a girly girl!!

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