Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Four Legged Freak Show at My House Tonight

Maybe that should actually say Eight Legged Freak Show. Depends on how you are looking at it I suppose. Let me explain. My cats, Louie the Siamese mentioned in a previous post, and Max were having their own private party at our house tonight. They think they are dogs. First, Louie has become BAD about trying to eat whatever is on the table, doesn't matter if you are still sitting there or not. He is bold. After successfully grabbing some leftover chicken off Maia's plate as I was cleaning the table, he then moved to the trash can for whatever he could salvage from there. This is pretty much the norm for him. He has actually been IN the trash can before. This time, he was just perched on top of it since the lid was off.

When I turn around to load the dishwasher, my other cat, Max, was inside it licking the plates clean for me. I guess he was trying to save me water?? Yep, people, if you don't like cats, you would HATE my house. I can't promise they have not been on/in the counter/table/dishwasher/sink/trash can/etc. when they jump in your lap or you eat a meal with me. Eat at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

After all this, I go to tuck Maia into bed and Louie is hiding in a drawer in her room that just happens to be empty right now. I don't know what was going on with the cats tonight, but they were nutty most of the night until they crashed.

Just a Tail...

Strange Kitty

One Man, er, Cat Freak Show

Had Enough of the Camera

Max, crashed.

Louie likes to sit in the strangest places, if that hasn't already been established. He is sitting on the box top to Harrison's legos in the front corner of the living room. Gotta love the alien eyes. I didn't photoshop these. Left them for the effect of "strangeness"

Bathtime. I guess he had enough of the strange places and moved to the sofa on "his" blanket that he likes to suck on.

Crashed out Kitties. Though, Louie looks like he may just pounce on Max.

There you have it people. My exciting post for the night. Hey, you get what you get when I have to do a post a day. That's my life, exciting to the hilt.

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elizabeth said...

Minnie is crazy all by herself. she just bit my thumb while chewing on the pen i was using. AND you know how i love being bit by a cat/kitten. Going to clean it good now with alcohol and peroxide and put neosporin and bandaid on it. I JUST paid off my hospital bill for the last bite.