Saturday, November 8, 2008

Juliette Lowe Princess Party & Other Stuff

Well, I was gonna post about our dinner at Sachiko/Porterhouse tonight in celebration of my mother in laws 60th birthday, but now I am down by two cameras and hating life. My cat knocked mine off the table last week and destroyed it. My FIL brought me his to use and his battery (the expensive rechargeable kind) is dead. SO, long story short, I am on a major hunt for things to hock so I can come up with the rest of the funds to buy the one I am saving for. I only need about $60 more dollars to get it and I am jonesing. I will post about that when I get the photos that are suppose to be emailed to be that were taken by another couple that was with us. I know you will be chewing your nails in anticipation of this.
On a good note...I had to fill up the van tonight on our way to the above mentioned dinner and I only had to put $30 in it to just about fill the sucker!! I almost cried at the pump. Seriously. That is HALF of what I had been putting in the van. HALF PEOPLE!! That is a HUGE savings. I can drive for just about a week, sometimes more on that.

Now, on to the post for which this is titled...

Last Saturday, November 1st to be exact, I attended a Girl Scouts/Daisy Scouts Juliette Lowe Princess Party in celebration of, guess who?? Juliette Lowe. She was the founder of Girl Scouts so Maia's Daisy Troop and three other local Daisy/Brownie/Girl Scout Troops got together at the YWCA to have a princess party. It was pretty cool.

My Princess

HUGE HUGE HUGE cake celebrating the birthday of GS's founder Juliette Lowe

The girls got to make princess wands and tiara's and earned Try-It badges for several of the activities they had set up. Of course, all the girls came in their Princess Attire. At lunchtime, they got a lesson in proper table settings and manners, and then we enjoyed a HUGE birthday cake. It was a fun, if not LONG, day but I think all the girls had a great time.

The "proper" place setting. Does ANYONE still use this many dishes at one mealtime??

The girls all had this place mat to help them create their place setting. Even I don't know what to do with all these things!!!

The girls all had a scaled down version to work with.
Maia is hard at work trying to get hers right.

The final photos were taken last Monday, Nov 3, at my In-Laws house. They have a fire pit, so I couldn't resist snapping these of the family.

Three Generations of Toler Men and one little lady. Tim, Chris's brother, looks just like Chris.

My little firebug.

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Sarah said...

the blog looks good! isn't it nice to get gas cheap again, according to the paper, gas hasn't been this cheap since march 2005!