Sunday, November 16, 2008


That's a real exciting title to my blog isn't it?? I have spent the better part of my day to day in church. In a mad dash, due to oversleeping, we made it to church this morning just in the nick of time. Left there around 12:15 and headed to my mom's house while Chris headed to work. The kids and myself hung out there for several hours. I particularly enjoy using her FAST computer, rather than ding around on this one. Oh, I can't WAIT for tax refund time so I can get a new one. The cheapest thing out there would be better than the one I have now. Seriously.

After a quick stop to pick up girl scout candy that had just come in and a quick stop by the house to change into comfy clothes, me and the kids headed back to church for Play practice for the upcoming Christmas play, "Santa bowed at Christmas". I sat and chatted with a few friends while the kids were doing their thing, then we moved straight into "Fairview Nights" where I help with the children. We practiced the Kristal Bells for worship service next week. They will play "We Gather Together" for Thanksgiving. I hope the cards don't stick together or it will be a disaster. Kristal Bells are color coded and the cards show the color bell that needs to be rung as I count out the beats that they are to be rung for. Pretty cool and the kids love them. We also worked on some gifts for the nursing home visit the kids are planning for the holidays. Fun stuff.

Now, kids are in bed, Chris is home from work, I am in even comfier (is that a word??) clothing, and my favorite show in the whole world is coming on, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Had to do my obligatory post before that started!

Aren't you glad you now know how I spent my day?? I am sure you feel enlightened.

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