Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things to be Thankful for When Times are Tight

I am in a funk. I made a deposit at the bank only to discover that after $160 is put in, we have $8 of it at our disposal. Gonna be slim pickin's in the Toler house this coming week until Chris gets paid and things won't get too much better then.

After that discovery, I got on the computer to waste some time (that I don't have to waste) and started checking up on my friends son's care page. He is about the same age as my son and he has cancer. They have met several people in NY when there for treatment and several of these children have recently passed away from the cancer. So, I sit here unable to tear myself away from these sites, and try to imagine what these families are going through. It isn't even possible for me to go there.

On that note, even though money is tight, Christmas will be extra slim this year, our jobs are in jeopardy and the country as a whole is knee deep in recession, I find that I am VERY THANKFUL that I have been blessed with my two children and that they are for the most part, healthy and happy. They have their faults, we all do, but I love them good or bad, right or wrong, come hell or high water. I hope and pray that they will remain healthy and that I NEVER have to experience the pain and suffering that I know these families are going through right now. Money, I am sure, is the least of their worries. So go grab your kids and loved ones and hold on tight to them. No one is guaranteed another day on this earth so we have to make the most of it while we are here and together. You just don't know when it will all disappear.

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