Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things that Make Me Happy

In celebration of my new phone, I thought I would compile a list of things that make me happy today. Hold onto your hats people, this is going to be life changing!

1. Having a phone that will dial a "5" AND gets good reception. YES! You CAN hear me now!!
2. Good music on the radio
3. A bright sun shiny day like today
4. Not having to repeat myself 100 times to get the kids/hubby to do something.
5. Watching Maia play with her baby doll. Too cute. Lets just say, the mommy neglect we tend to subject on ourselves as mothers starts very young. I have already witnessed it in Maia.
6. Naptime
7. Being told "I love you Momma" by my kids.
8. Ice cream
9. Cuddling
10. Good Friends
11. The first time you climb into bed that has just had clean sheets put on it.
12. A good book.
13. A positive balance in the checking account
14. Finding or receiving unexpected money
15. Taking photos of my kids
16. Doing something creative
18. Family that cares
19. the smell of baking bread
20. Chocolate Chip Cookies, fresh made of course.

There ya go folks. A disguistingly positive post from ME! Have a good day. More on Maia's doll tomorrow.


Thenmozhi said...

If you want a free, objective way to check the reception in your area BEFORE you lock yourself with a specific carrier, you should really check out "Got Reception?" (http://www.gotreception.com).

Sarah said...

having your kids say "i love you," I can't wait. clean sheets and a made bed is heaven.

selena said...

hi...I noticed your comment on my blog today then went back and saw your others too! I wasn't ignoring you...I'm just not used to getting comments (ha ha!) ;)
To answer your questions, the slide was at Layman Family Farm off in Montvale. And my camera is a Canon Xti. I got it about a year ago and have been reading and practicing ever since...and I still have a lot to learn! It's a lot of fun though. Sorry to hear your camera broke...hope you get that new one soon!