Friday, November 14, 2008

Maia's Doll

Boy, I just wanna say, that I am really starting to reach for things to blog about and it is only day 14 of this blog a day business. Luckily, with Thanksgiving and Harrison's birthday approaching, I should have more to talk about in a week or so. In the meantime, you get what you get. The hubby thinks I should blog about an Idea, rather than my day to day life events. Whatever. My ideas are probably things you REALLY don't want to read about anyway. I have Mommy brain. If it doesn't involve my kids or someone else's I probably don't have much to say about it at the moment. Which leads me to this post...

Maia, my girl child, who until about a week ago, could have cared less about a baby doll. Her aunt Pat and Uncle Gary gave her a doll with a creepy laugh for her birthday this past May. She was briefly interested in it, but soon forgot it. Well, about a week ago, she "rediscovered" this doll and has drug it with her everywhere since. The doll is fine. Has a bit of a hair issue and the laugh is just too creepy for words, but other than that, it is OK. She has lots of others, from Cheap to American Girl's Bitty Baby, but this is the one she has "adopted" to be her baby. Oh, excuse me, it is her little sister Mia, and I am the mommy. Not her. When asked why she is not the mommy, she just giggles and looks at me like, "duh, I am not OLD ENOUGH to be a mommy." (You go right ahead and keep thinking that Maia until you are about 30, preferably, 30 and married)

Doll, pre-naming, wearing a dress Maia wore at age 3 months.

What I find most funny is that my daughter wakes up, changes the doll into her daytime clothes, feeds her breakfast, etc., then at night, she changes her into her pajamas, reads her a book, tucks her into her bed with her bunny and blanket and plays her doll mobile for her. The baby has even had a "bath" and several birthday parties complete with handmade invitations. Maia addresses the dolls needs before her own. Tonight, we went to the mall with baby in tow. I had an infant car seat in my car from my outing today with the child I keep, so Maia strapped Mia into the car seat WAY before she was worried about herself. I had to wait several minutes for his to happen before Maia was ready to hook her own car seat. I can already see the beginnings of a Mommy in her; neglecting herself to care for her "child". Funny how young that starts. I made the mistake of suggesting to Maia that we leave the baby in the car while we went into the mall. Lord, call social services on me. Silly me, You would have thought I slapped my own daughter silly by the look she gave me upon this suggestion. Don't worry, It won't happen twice.

Maia, tucking the baby into her bed at night. This happens EVERY NIGHT without fail lately.
I think it is kinda cute & have WAITED for my daughter to discover my favorite childhood toy.

All tucked in and ready for sweet dreams.

I can now add to my list of lifetime accomplishments, the title of SURGEON extraordinaire and professional stylist (I only wish I had the paycheck to go along with the first!). I had to perform a small "surgery" of sorts on her for fear that her head and foot would fall off. This is NOT a super well made doll; cheap fabric body, sub-par wig for hair that was barely glued on and whoever styled it must have been on drugs at the time. So, the baby got its neck sewn back together, the leg sewn back together and its wig re-glued and trimmed and restyled. Much improved much to my daughter's delight.

Baby Mia before makeover, sporting her new duds. Original ponytails are out at this stage, ready for her trim and new styling, courtesy of ME. I failed to get a photo of the before/after surgery. THAT was a real accomplishment.

Baby Mia, (actually, Maia refers to her as Little Mia), post surgery and makeover. Hard to see the differences in the hair, but trust me folks, it is MUCH improved in this photo.

Now, I am on a quest for a small wardrobe for this doll. I am finding that newborn size baby clothes fit it best and are actually CHEAPER than doll clothing. Better made and more stylish too. Never thought I would be shopping the infant section again, and certainly not for a doll. Oh well. There are some really cute and inexpensive things out there for a baby and it is probably the ONLY WAY I will ever enter the infant department in a store again.

Little Mia and her wardrobe purchased at Target. Bib, socks, and onesie all came from Target's Dollar section (oh, I could do a post on that!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that part of Target!), dress was clearance rack purchase and Pink Ballet slippers were from AC Moore.

For now, I am left to deal with a cheaply made, semi-cute, baby with a freaky laugh. Enjoy the photos and be glad I have not figured out how to add sound to this post.

Little Mia's First birthday party.

Invite to Said Party. This is the front.
I must say, Maia has GREAT handwriting for a 5 year old.

Inside of invitation, complete with Glitter glue accents, Maia's all time favorite.

Maia, sporting a particularly strange look, and her doll after a visit to Target to purchase
the outfit baby is wearing. Sale racks at Target ROCK!!

Are you freaked out yet by the Doll staring at you?? Now you have experienced a small bit of what I am dealing with. Every time I turn around the doll is there, staring and laughing at me. Creepy. I just thank God it doesn't have teeth. I am also just SLIGHTLY disturbed at myself for posting this much about a DOLL. I really really need to get a life.


Mom to 4 said...

Take her out to Once Upon A Child. Maybe you could find some stuff on clearance there. And I'm glad she finally decided to play "mommy". And I'm glad you managed to find something to blog about for the day. I didn't know if you were going to make it.

35 and holding said...

well, i kinda had to cheat a little. I got a late night phone call so i posted what i had and went back to edit it after midnight. I had thought about OUAC. Good will too.

gojennings said...

Cute kids, dolls and cats! Hello from NaBloPoMo... hope you'll visit this fellow Virginian at