Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Week in Review - posted Sunday Nov. 2, 2008

I have been a slacker posting my photos and blogging about our activities of late. So, here ya go. The week in review, one week behind, one day at a time. (Hey, i gotta have something to blog about if i am going to post a blog a day.) Maybe by the end of the month I will be on real time.

Sunday, Oct. 26 Trunk or Treating - Seems to be popular with churches all over. Pretty fun and safe for the kids. Our church has made it a tradition every year now for several years and this year, we got in on the action. Per Harrison's request, we decorated our trunk as a "Dungeon". Imagine that... a tricked out mini van. Funny. Seems like others had similar ideas as us. Maybe it is because we all shopped at the dollar tree for our decorative items? I may have to step it up a notch next year. Some were very basic, and some were very cool. Regardless, all the kids and adults had a great time.

Our Spooked Out Mini-Van. I could have just opened up the side doors and let people see the "real" inside. That probably would have been scary too!!

Mr. Bones and a little black crow. I LOVE the Dollar Tree for this type of thing!!

Church friend dressed as Sharpae from High School Musical, and my little flapper girl.

Harrison dressed as the Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate Skeleton. Pretty scary!

The prettiest Flapper I have ever seen. Her granddad taught her the "flapper" dance, but she wouldn't perform it. I wish I had granddad on video doing it though!

Witches Potions at one of the other Cars. Pretty cool. She had a table full and all sorts of food with a spooky theme to it.

Eyeball grapes, chocolate body part, bone candles and a witches brew complete with dry ice making it look extra spooky.

Harrison and his dad. He had shed the mask at this point. Can't say that I blame him. It looked awfully hot.

The spider on my shirt was a sticker. I had them stuck all over the outside of the van.

I have no idea what is up with the looks on the faces in this photo.
Maybe they didn't get enough candy???

At one point, Maia climbed in the car because she was cold. I kept hearing wrappers being torn open, so I snuck up on her and opened the door and this is what I saw. She looks SOOOOOO busted in this photo. Of course, I didn't care she was eating her candy for dinner, I just thought it was funny. The girl is a candy freak. Halloween is definitely her thing.


Karen said...

Great photos--looks like so much fun! LOVE the "busted" photo--that was soooo me (but my Mom didn't care if we ate a lot of candy). :o)

35 & holding said...

I figured if i let them go trick or treating, i have to relax a little and let them eat the candy. At some point, I just start to trash a lot of it. After chris and I have eaten what we want ;o)