Monday, November 17, 2008

Zander Comes For A Visit

My little buddy Zander came to visit us today with his Mom. I kept Zander from the time he was 6 weeks old until just about a month ago when his Grandma decided that she would quit her job and keep him. He seemed excited to see me and came right too me with a big smile on his face. Sweet thing! Jack and Jenna liked getting to play with their friend and I was able to test out the new camera and get a few shots of them playing before he had to leave to go to his 15 month checkup.
I really appreciated his Mom bringing him by to see me. It makes me feel very valued as their former childcare provider. So many take what I do for granted. When I worked, my babysitter was numero uno to me, even though she often had to remind my mommy brain it was payday. Thanks Shannon! You meant the world to me then and I value our friendship now!! Take it from a childcare provider... if you have one, and if you have kids and work, you probably do, VALUE THEM. Tell them you appreciate them, or show them. Respect what they do, after all, they are taking care of your most prized possession, your CHILD!

Zander, 15 months. I started keeping him when he was a wee little one at age 6 weeks, below.

My, look how you've grown!!

Daycare buddies, Jenna and Zander. I started keeping them on the exact same day. They are 3 weeks apart in age, with Jenna being the oldest.

Jack and Zander doing what they do, fighting over a toy. Boys will be boys!

The three amigos. Jenna, 16 months, Jack 20 months, and Zander 15 months. Plopped them on the sofa and quickly snapped this shot. They don't sit still for long! (No comment on the junk on the surface of my table. I still haven't figured out how to have a table that doesn't accumulate junk. Any ideas??)

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Mom to 4 said...

Oh girl, you know I love you too!! And just so you know, now I have my own kids reminding me about stuff. My mommybrain seems to have grown since I had Emily. Good thing the others are old enough to keep up with things sometimes!!