Friday, November 21, 2008

Cleaning the Playroom

My playroom is a disaster. I know, it's a playroom. It is suppose to be a mess. Tonight, I made it my mission to start the process of getting rid of toys that probably haven't seen the light of day in several years. Four bags were already taken to Goodwill, and I just filled four more. I'm talking lawn and garden bags, not little kitchen trash bags! I also have two more for Once Upon A Child. I am hoping for some cold hard cash out of toys that they have outgrown.

Little people have been banished to the basement in storage bins for safe keeping. I am hoping, one day, they will be worth decent money on ebay. I know some are going for a good amount now. I figure in about 5 more years I will be set. For a while, Little People moved into my house. All their vehicles, buildings, trains, accessories, etc filled every square inch of my playroom.

Now, they have been replaced with Barbies, Dinosaurs, Cars and Trucks of all shapes and sizes, Playmobil, Ponyville, Sweet Streets, you name it, I probably got it in spades. I decided it was time to move toys to the playroom, rather than their current location, the kids bedrooms, after breaking my neck for the one millionth time while trying to navigate the mess in my kids rooms. Again, I won't scare you with a photo.

Just to think, my financial woes could be cured with the toys they have in their rooms. Crazy. Just plain crazy. Now, Harrison's birthday is approaching, Thanksgiving Day to be exact. More toys. More "stuff" to fall over. Gotta get a handle on it, and fast. Right behind that, Christmas! This will be a very very light Christmas and birthday for us this year. Finances and just good plain sense dictate that.

Well, the playroom is calling. Just had to get my blog done before I dive back into the cleaning!


Sarah said...

3 things:
1-good job tackling a room without getting overwhelmed
2-you don't happen to have the little people school bus do you?
3-try craigslist for some of your stuff, it is free and you might get more than once upon a child

35 and holding said...

I do have the little people bus, but my daycare kids play with it. YOu can't find one?? TRU has it i believe.

I posted my daycare opening on craigslist. NOthing so far. I took a bunch of stuff to OUAC and only got $23 today. Mostly puzzles and games. Oh well.

My kids are back there trashing it now. Makes me shudder to think...

Karen said...

Kate is only 16 months, and I already feel your pain when it comes to toys ... everywhere. We have very limited space, so I have to be careful not to go overboard. There is just so much STUFF that comes with having kids.